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11.11.2021 (11:45)

More than 70 times fighters were raised into the air to escort foreign aircraft in Kamchatka in 2021

More than 70 times, MiG-31BM fighters from the duty forces of the mixed air regiment of the Troops and Forces in the North-East of Russia rose into the air to escort foreign aircraft in 2021.

Interceptor fighters of the Pacific Fleet rose into the air upon detection of air targets approaching the Russian state border by means of objective control over neutral waters.

From the airfield in Chukotka, the crews of fighter-interceptors rose more than 10 times to escort foreign aircraft over the Bering and Chukchi Seas.

The crews of the MiG-31BM identify aerial targets by visual contact or with the help of avionics and escort them during the entire flight near the state border. The fighter jets fly over the waters of the Pacific and Arctic oceans and their seas in strict accordance with international rules for the use of airspace.

Combat alert duty with MiG-31BM fighters is carried out around the clock to prevent violations of the state border in the airspace in the North-East of Russia.

Press Service of the Eastern Military District
Pacific Fleet , Aviation , Eastern Military District
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