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02.11.2021 (09:00)

Eastern MD army aviation crews destroy ground targets in Transbaikalia

Pilots of the air unit of the Air Force and Air Defence Army of the Eastern Military District (EMD), performed a number of combat training missions as part of the crews of the Mi-24 Krokodil attack helicopters and the Mi-8 AMTSh Terminator transport and combat helicopters during scheduled training flights in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Thus, the crews of the Mi-8 AMTSh in pairs improved their skills in helicopter piloting with takeoff from the Cheryomushki airfield and passing the route sections in the vicinity of the regional capital, the city of Chita, at various heights.

In addition, in the course of the flights, the servicemen carried out aerial reconnaissance of the terrain, and also honed the coherence of the crews when solving incoming introductory tasks in conditions of mock emergency situations.

In turn, the Mi-24 strike crews at the Mukhor-Kandui training ground improved their combat training in engaging ground group and single targets of a mock enemy. Under the terms of the execution, the pilots had to destroy the column of tanks making the march.

More than 150 military personnel from among the flight and engineering personnel of the air unit of the Air Force and Air Defence Army of the military district took part in the training flights, several dozen combat helicopters were involved.

Press Service of the Eastern Military District
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