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28.10.2021 (08:45)

Crews of SMD's Su-25SM assault aircraft destroy base of mock militants in Stavropol Territory

The crews of Su-25SM assault air regiment of the Southern Military District, during the final check for the 2021 training  year, destroyed a large base of mock illegal armed formation at a training ground in the Stavropol Territory.

According to the idea of a tactical flight exercise on the territory of the region in a forested mountainous area, mock terrorists set up a training camp for the preparation of 20 sabotage and reconnaissance groups of 10 people each.

Using the coordinates of the targets received by the reconnaissance aircraft, the Su-25SM assault aircraft made several sorties with the launch of guided missiles and dropping of corrected aerial bombs, destroying the objects of the conditional base of the militants, including 5 large caches with weapons and ammunition.

In addition, the flight crews practiced actions in the event of aircraft refusal, evasion from enemy fighter aircraft attacks, and in conditions of electronic suppression.

Press Service of the Southern Military District
Aviation , Southern Military District , Combat training
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