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27.05.2021 (05:00)

Crews of long-range Tu-22m3 bombers from the Russian air base Hmeymim performed training tasks in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea

The Tu-22m3 long-range bombers, which arrived at the Russian Hmeymim air base in the Syrian Arab Republic the day before, made regular training flights over the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, accompanied by Russian Su-35 fighters.

The crews of the Tu-22m3 long-range bombers received practical skills to perform tasks in new geographical areas.

The deployment of heavy-class aircraft at the Hmeymim airfield became possible as a result of the reconstruction of the second runway with a complete replacement of the pavement and the installation of new lighting and radio equipment. The increase in the length of the runway made it possible to expand the capabilities of the airfield for receiving and servicing aircraft.

After completing the training tasks for the development of air space in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, the long-range bombers will return to the airfields of the permanent base on the territory of the Russian Federation.

At present, all types of aircraft in service with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, including heavy aircraft, can fly from the Hmeymim Air Base.

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