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18.01.2021 (15:00)

Additional units of the Russian military police will strengthen observation posts in the Syrian province of Hasakeh

Additional units of the Russian military police have been sent to the Syrian province of Hasakeh to strengthen joint observation posts with government troops. In total, they will accommodate an additional 300 military personnel.

"Our unit arrived at one of the joint observation posts in Hasakeh Province. The main task is to contribute to the de-escalation of the conflict in the region. Our military personnel are monitoring the observance of the ceasefire regime, and also provide all possible assistance to the local population," said Major Dmitry Suntsov, senior of the joint Russian-Syrian observation post.

Military police units are deployed at observation posts in the Hasakeh province bordering Turkey in northeastern Syria as part of Russian-Turkish agreements to stabilize the situation in the region. So, at the end of December, Russian servicemen arrived at a post in the city of Ain-Isa, where Syrian troops were repeatedly shelled and even attacked by illegal armed groups. After the post became shared, their activity decreased.

The first unit from the reinforcement has already arrived in Hasakeh province, and several more will join it in the near future. These are the most trained military personnel who already have experience in performing various tasks in Syria.

They will be stationed at observation posts in the cities of Ain-Isa, Tell-Tamer, Amuda and other localities. The military transport plane also delivered to the area additional weapons, communications and navigation equipment and other equipment that the Russian military will need.

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