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15.01.2021 (03:00)

Russian military specialists in Syria held a training camp for artillery fire spotters among the Syrian Armed Forces

Russian military instructors held a training camp in the Syrian province of Hama to train artillery fire spotters of the volunteer assault corps of the Syrian Army. The participants of the event were trained to work with various optical devices, as well as radar stations used in artillery.

"The purpose of the gathering is to train military personnel who operate as part of reconnaissance and search teams, the ability to independently call artillery fire, while hitting the enemy's manpower and firepower, as well as training crews to work independently on radar stations. Spotters learn to assign, identify and use landmarks on the ground and transmit commands to open fire to the firing battery. After training, the servicemen will be able to call and adjust artillery fire in any situation, " the Russian military adviser on artillery preparation said.

Russian military instructors have previously conducted various trainings with the personnel of this unit aimed at improving the quality of artillery use. The Syrian military successfully coped with all the tasks.

About 90% of the military personnel involved in the training took part in combat operations in the Syrian Arab Republic.

One of the most notable stages of the training camp was the training of Syrian specialists in the use of the Russian radar system "Aistenok", which they had not previously used. It is designed to detect the positions of artillery and moving equipment of the enemy, as well as adjust the fire of their own batteries.

The Syrian servicemen highly appreciated the work with their colleagues from Russia, noting that despite the existing experience of military operations, they learned a lot of new things during the training camp.

"We have used a lot of what is here before. But now we have gained more experience, we can say academic knowledge. Thanks to our advisers, we are getting a very good result, " said Gayaz Ahmed Saher, commander of the artillery battalion of the 5th volunteer assault corps.

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