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04.01.2021 (00:30)

Russian instructors held training sessions with Syrian soldiers near Aleppo

Russian military specialists conducted training with Syrian soldiers on the organization of camouflage, as well as the use of rocket-propelled infantry flamethrowers. The Syrian military, many of whom have real combat experience, showed a high level of training and confidently coped with the tasks set.

"Today, classes were held with the units of flamethrowers, as well as classes with non-staff aerosol teams. Areal smoke screens are installed. Syrian soldiers perfectly assimilate the material, " said Fyodor Glebov, senior officer of the nuclear, biological and chemical protection (NBCP) control point of the Russian Armed Forces group in Syria.

The task for the Syrian soldiers was to work out the offensive, tactical retreat and evacuation of the wounded under the cover of a smoke screen. Also, with the help of reactive infantry flamethrowers, they had to hit the buildings in which the mock enemy was hiding.

Successful completion of tasks is facilitated by the fact that many Syrian soldiers have experience of real combat operations in the province of Aleppo.

The Syrian soldiers themselves admit that they have learned a lot about the tactics of using smoke bombs and flamethrowers, and the existing experience helps to better assimilate the material.

Omar Abdallah, who serves in the Syrian army as a flamethrower, participated in the liberation of three small towns in the province of Aleppo. "I am happy with the results of the shooting, they are very good. This shows that we have prepared well. It's not difficult because we trained well, " he said.

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