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24.12.2020 (15:00)

Russian and Syrian servicemen held a joint training session to repel an attack by saboteurs on the Russian Navy's CSS point in Tartus

Russian and Syrian military personnel conducted a joint training to repel the attack of saboteurs on the combat service support point (CSS) Russian Navy in the Syrian Tartus.

During the training, which was attended by more than 500 military personnel, for the first time, joint actions of the land forces, fleet and aviation were worked out, said the commander of the Russian Navy forces in the far zone, Captain 1st rank Dmitry Dobrynin, who led the training from the Russian side.

"The uniqueness of this exercise is that we have worked both in the sea direction and on land. In addition, for the first time, army aviation worked with the use of an air smoke container VDK-2. For the first time, the forces were able to escape from the attack precisely under the aerosol disguise, which the crew of the Mi-35 helicopter put on with the help of these containers. Before this training, the army aviation was not involved in the naval component of the exercises, " said Captain of the 1st rank Dmitry Dobrynin.

According to him, 10 warships of various classes from the Russian side were involved in the sea training episodes, including the frigate "Admiral Essen", the small missile ship "Vyshny Volochek", the sea minesweeper "Valentin Pikul", from the Syrian Navy, the Syrian naval brigade participated in the training, as part of the management and four ships.

The ships of the two countries jointly repelled the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles, and also worked out the exit of forces from under the strike of a mock enemy as part of the protection of the CSS point "Tartus". The navy also found and detained divers-saboteurs of the mock enemy with the help of a group of combat swimmers, and the crews of patrol boats did not allow the passage to the berths of the seaport of the boat of an illegal armed group.

On the Syrian side, the actions of the fleet were led by the commander of the SAR Navy, Vice Admiral Muhamad Al-Ahmad.

"The language barrier did not affect the coordination of actions of the Syrian and Russian military personnel. All tasks were successfully completed, " said Captain of the 1st rank Dmitry Dobrynin.

According to the plan of the training, the mock enemy attacked the CSS point in Tartus from several directions at once, including saboteurs who tried to break through the checkpoint in a car bomb. Russian servicemen at the checkpoint blocked their way with an armored personnel carrier, explained the head of the CSS point "Tartus", Captain 1 rank Mikhail Titov.

"Saboteurs broke through the checkpoint and hit an armored personnel carrier with a grenade launcher. But the car was damaged by return fire, the enemy landed, and a battle ensued. A mobile reserve of military police and Syrian soldiers came to the rescue. As a result of coordinated joint actions of Russian and Syrian units, the mock enemy was destroyed, " Mikhail Titov explained, noting that at the same time, the fire brigade extinguished the burning armored personnel carrier, and the medical team provided assistance to the conditionally wounded crew members of the combat vehicle.

In addition, during the training, Russian servicemen worked out the reflection of the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles of a mock enemy with the help of anti-aircraft missile systems "Tor" and "Pantsir-S1", and also worked out the aerosol disguise of ammunition depots using a smoke screen.

Following the training, the Syrian side expressed interest in holding such training events more frequently.

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