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08.12.2020 (15:00)

In the Syrian province of Deraa, the point of the Commission for the settlement of the status of militants who agreed to surrender their weapons began to work

In the Syrian province of Deraa, a point of the Commission for the settlement of the status of militants of the armed Syrian opposition who agreed to hand over their weapons and legalize their status to obtain new documents began to work.

This point was created thanks to the joint work of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides (CPVS) on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, Syrian security agencies and local administrations. Every day, dozens of people come here for a peaceful status.

"After the settlement, citizens will receive a full set of documents allowing them to start a peaceful life, and will be excluded from the databases of security agencies as wanted. This database will be updated at least twice a month, " said Vyacheslav Sytnik, deputy head of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria.

Among those who came to the point was Colonel Abu Muzer, who led a unit in the Free Syrian Army (FSA), after which his soldiers handed over their weapons.

"We decided to go through reconciliation. Our goal was to remove names from the security service's lists. Today, in the presence of the Russian side, as the guarantor of this process, we are submitting documents so that people can legalize their status and start a new life, " he said.

Another former FSA fighter, Samir al-Masami, decided to surrender to the authorities, having independently revised his beliefs.

"Now I find it difficult to say why this happened, but at some point I left my unit and joined the militants. We fought against the government. But in the end, I realized my mistake and decided to return to a peaceful life. Today I came to get the documents and I really hope that now everything will be as before, " Masami said.

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