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02.12.2020 (15:00)

Russian sappers in Syria cleared most of the fields around the village of Jub Khalaf al-Ahmed in the province of Aleppo

Russian sappers cleared most of the fields around the village of Jub Khalaf al-Ahmed (Aleppo province, Syria), located near the strategically important Yttrium highway.

This village was liberated from terrorists about two months ago, but the militants are still trying to recapture it from government troops, so about 20 soldiers are on duty at the checkpoint every day. At night, the neighborhood is being explored using unmanned aerial vehicles. The remaining militant groups continue to ignore the calls of the command of the Syrian Armed Forces to lay down their weapons.

Thanks to the help of Russian sappers, a large area of fields around Jub Khalaf al-Ahmed has already been cleared. 80% of the population has already returned to the village where about 20 thousand people used to live.

Among the improvised unexploded shells that the sappers find, you can find gas cylinders and fire extinguishers. The military itself calls them "Hellfire" - they are filled with TNT and striking elements. The range of such projectiles is up to six kilometers.

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