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02.11.2020 (15:00)

A joint exercise with military police and engineering troops was held at the Russian base of Hmeymim in Syria

Units of the Russian military police stationed at the base of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Hmeymim, Syria, conducted joint exercises with units of the engineering troops.

One of the most common combat tactics is an ambush attack. To immobilize the convoy, they plant an explosive device on the side of the road and blow up the lead vehicle. In such a situation, engineering troops come to the rescue.

According to the commander of a platoon of engineering troops participating in the exercise, reconnaissance is mainly carried out in especially dangerous areas, as practice shows, these are mainly intersections, gorges, forks and narrower sections of roads.

Today, the engineering troops are armed with modern equipment that will protect both from an explosion and from small arms. Mines and land mines help to detect service dogs and special robots.

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