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03.11.2020 (15:00)

Military personnel at Hmeymim base in Syria are tested for coronavirus in five hours

Military doctors created at the Russian air base Hmeymim in Syria all the infrastructure for the isolation and treatment of a new type of coronavirus, which can be found in five hours.

"All military personnel are regularly tested. Time for the final result is obtained somewhere around five hours. That is, after five hours we give the study result directly - either positive or negative, " said Alexey Derganov, head of the laboratory and diagnostic department deployed at this military facility.

Then, depending on the result, doctors work with the patient. “If the [result] is positive, then, naturally, [the patient] lies directly in isolation, on hospitalization,” he explained.

If necessary, assistance to the infected can be provided not only on the ground - helicopters operated by doctors from the special medical unit are equipped with modules with ventilators.

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