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09.10.2020 (15:00)

The frigate "Admiral Essen" made a call at the Russian Navy base in the Syrian Tartus

The Russian frigate "Admiral Essen" made a call at the Russian Navy base in Tartus, Syria, as part of a long-range cruise.

The ship will be part of the permanent formation of the Russian Navy and will replace the "Admiral Makarov" frigate of the Black Sea Fleet, which has been performing special tasks since June 2020.

The campaign of the "Admiral Essen" almost 1.3 thousand nautical miles took a little less than a week. During this time, she passed the Black sea and crossed the Bosphorus Strait to the Mediterranean. The ship raised the Syrian flag: this is what sailors do when entering a foreign port.

Currently, there is a logistics support point for naval vessels in Tartus, which began its work in 1977. This base is a reference point of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea.

For reference:

"Admiral Essen" presents a new series of multi-purpose frigates of the far sea zone project

They are designed to destroy surface ships and vessels, submarines and ground objects of the enemy, patrol and protect sea communications.

The frigates are capable of carrying eight "Kalibr-NK" missile launchers. The project ships are also armed with anti-aircraft missile and artillery systems "Shtil-1", AK-630M, universal artillery systems A-190 caliber 100 mm, torpedo tubes and rocket-propelled bomb RBU-6000. The frigate has an airstrip and hangar for an anti-submarine helicopter (Ka-27 or Ka-31).

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