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01.08.2020 (15:00)

The CSS specialists of the Russian airbase Hmeymim in Syria has shown their work in honor of the 320-th anniversary of formation of Armed Forces Rear service

Specialists of the combat service support bodies (CSS) of the Russian air base Hmeymim in Syria in honor of the 320th anniversary of the formation of the Army and Navy rear services demonstrated their work to journalists.

Media representatives were able to see how the base has organized a bath and laundry facility, a fire station, a fuel and lubricants storage service, a canteen, warehouses and other units that provide round-the-clock life support for Russian servicemen away from home.

One of the most important CSS units at the Russian base in Syria is the fuel and lubricants depot. Dozens of vehicles from cars to trucks arrive at the warehouse every day to refuel.

The warehouse has taken the most serious security measures, as any spark can cause an emergency.

In case of an emergency, the base has several fire teams that are on duty around the clock and are ready to go out to extinguish the fire within 20 seconds. There can be no doubt about the professionalism of the local fire department fighters — they conduct regular training alert visits.

The rear service of the Russian air base also includes a canteen and warehouses where food supplies are stored. To carefully monitor the quality of food for Russian military personnel, a special laboratory has been deployed, where specialists check the quality of products for compliance with Russian standards. The formation also has its own bakery — the only place in Syria where they bake bread that is familiar to any Russian citizen.

The CSS system of the air base also includes a bath and laundry complex, where industrial washing machines, soldier's and officer's baths, a veterinary service responsible for the maintenance of mine-hunting dogs work from early morning until late at night, and many other services that have been providing life support to the Russian air base in the Syrian Arab Republic for more than five years.

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