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01.12.2021 (15:30) Military transport aircraft finished landing evacuated citizens and took off from Afghanistan On board the IL-76 aircraft are 214 citizens of the Russian Federation, CSTO member states (Kyrgyzstan) and Afghan students studying at Russian universities.
29.11.2021 (08:45) Pilots of Southern Military District begins flying in the mountains of Armenia Upon completion of the special course, the pilots passed the tests, passed certification and received admission to perform independent flights and combat training missions in mountainous terrain.
26.11.2021 (07:00) Russian and Mongolian pilots established twinning ties of aviation regiments During the visit, the Russian delegation visited the Mongolian Air Force aviation regiment stationed at the Nalaikh military airfield in Ulan Bator city, where the Mongolian Arat aviation squadron of the USSR Armed Forces was previously based.
26.11.2021 (05:00) Central Military District Mi-8 crews training ends in mountains of Western Sayan in Tyva Republic In total, 10 Mi-8AMTSh-V helicopters and more than 100 military personnel were involved in the exercise.
25.11.2021 (15:45) The crews of the army aviation of the WMD destroyed the infrastructure of the mock enemy at the training ground in the Leningrad region Unguided S-8KOM aviation missiles, GSh-30 automatic 30 mm cannon and P-50 training bombs were used as weapons of destruction during the exercise.
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