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25.06.2021 (15:00) A joint exercise of the Russian Navy and the Russian Aerospace Forces is taking place in the Mediterranean The forces of the permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea and the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces will perform combat training tasks to ensure the security of the Hmeymim air base and the logistics point of the Russian Navy Tartus.
27.05.2021 (05:00) Crews of long-range Tu-22m3 bombers from the Russian air base Hmeymim performed training tasks in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea The crews of the Tu-22m3 long-range bombers received practical skills to perform tasks in new geographical areas.
18.01.2021 (15:00) Additional units of the Russian military police will strengthen observation posts in the Syrian province of Hasakeh The main task of units — to help de-escalate the conflict in the region, monitoring the ceasefire and assisting the local population.
15.01.2021 (03:00) Russian military specialists in Syria held a training camp for artillery fire spotters among the Syrian Armed Forces The participants of the event were trained to work with various optical devices, as well as radar stations used in artillery.
08.01.2021 (03:00) The first joint Russian-Turkish patrol in 2021 took place in the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah During the patrol, the military personnel of the two countries passed a route of 50 kilometers and monitored five settlements.
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