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30.03.2015 (06:00) Air Defence and Air Force command-and-staff exercise started in the Eastern MD Air Defence and radio-technical troops, Air Force and EW troops as well as reconnaissance and motorized rifle units are involved in the exercise.
25.03.2015 (18:27) Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov visited Voronezh aircraft plant During the visit to the enterprise he inspected the construction of An-140 aircraft and Il-96 long-range aircraft.
24.03.2015 (19:20) Tactical training of the Southern MD army aviation flight crews is conducted in Krasnodar Krai It involves over 60 pilots, flight engineers and land maintenance servicemen as well as about 20 Mi-28N, Mi-8AMTSh, Mi-24P and Mi-35 helicopters.
20.03.2015 (16:52) “Wings of Tavrida” aerobatic group to participate in the Military Parade Pilots will fly over the Red Square for the first time within formations with minimal intervals and distances.
20.03.2015 (16:08) Central MD pilots completed the district stage of the Aviadarts contest in conditions of the partial eclipse They said the eclipse cannot hamper the operation of the modern control systems and, consequently, affect the flight results and thus it can be considered a minor distraction.
20.03.2015 (14:11) Northern Fleet search-and-rescue teams practice providing assistance to the vessels gripped by the ice In the course of the surprise combat readiness inspection the Northern Fleet search-and-rescue support ships in cooperation with the Naval aviation are conducting operation concerning assistance providing to the imaginary gripped by the ice vessel.
20.03.2015 (08:04) Western MD strike and army aviation crews eliminated the imaginary enemy force grouping at the Arctic training ground Moreover the Mi-8 helicopters dropped tactic assault group and Mi-24 helicopters provided air coverage to the military transport aviation helicopters.
19.03.2015 (17:09) The Eastern MD force grouping is being strengthened within strategic command-and-staff training A number of units after being projected from Khabarovsk Krai to the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airfields by the transport aviation aircraft will perform marching to the assigned areas.
18.03.2015 (15:34) Pilots of the Kant Russian air base practice touchdown accuracy during parachute jumping trainings Jumps are performed by 100 servicemen from the height of 1000 m from Mi-8MTV helicopters.
18.03.2015 (13:05) During the strategic command-and-staff training the Southern MD attack and army aviation perform redeployment at operational airfields In particular, composite air squadron of the Southern MD consisting of 10 Mi-8 and Mi-24N helicopters has been redeployed at the Krymsk airfield in Krasnodar Krai.
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