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11.11.2021 (18:00) Russian Tu-160 and Belarusian Su-30 practice interaction in Belarus The Russian and Belarusian crews have successfully accomplished the task and demonstrated an excellent aeronautic skills and mastery.
11.11.2021 (11:45) More than 70 times fighters were raised into the air to escort foreign aircraft in Kamchatka in 2021 The crews of the MiG-31BM identify aerial targets by visual contact or with the help of avionics and escort them during the entire flight near the state border.
11.11.2021 (00:00) Russian Knights crews arrive in Dubai to participate in International Air Show Before the demonstration, which will be held at the Al Maktoum airfield in the United Arab Emirates, Russian pilots will conduct two qualifying flights and aerial training.
03.11.2021 (00:30) Tu-160 and Tu-95ms aircraft crews complete flights in the dark in Volga region Pilots and navigators worked out takeoffs and landings, flights along the route and in a given zone, as well as elements of interaction with the flight control group.
02.11.2021 (17:30) Military transport aviation crews perform flights in difficult meteorological conditions Landing in adverse weather conditions with a specified minimum weather is one of the main criteria for the professionalism of a military transport aviation pilot.
02.11.2021 (09:00) Eastern MD army aviation crews destroy ground targets in Transbaikalia In addition, in the course of the flights, the servicemen carried out aerial reconnaissance of the terrain, and also honed the coherence of the crews when solving incoming introductory tasks in conditions of mock emergency situations.
28.10.2021 (08:45) Crews of SMD's Su-25SM assault aircraft destroy base of mock militants in Stavropol Territory According to the idea of a tactical flight exercise on the territory of the region in a forested mountainous area, mock terrorists set up a training camp for the preparation of 20 sabotage and reconnaissance groups of 10 people each.
18.10.2021 (17:15) Aviation of the Black Sea Fleet and the Southern Military District destroy command posts of mock enemy at Opuk training ground in Crimea Pilots launched unguided air missiles and air bombs of various calibres.
15.10.2021 (13:30) Military specialists and representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency complete the reconnaissance of the main and reserve landing area of Soyuz MS-18 The landing of the descent vehicle of the Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft, on which cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko, will return to Earth, is scheduled for the morning of October 17.
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