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20.10.2021 (14:00) Russian Air Defence units involved in Slavic Shield 2021 joint exercise in Serbia have returned to their permanent deployment points Delivery of Pantsir-S air defence missile system was carried out by military transport aircraft of Russian Aerospace Forces.
18.10.2021 (05:00) Ten tons of humanitarian cargo for residents of Nagorno-Karabakh delivered to Yerevan by Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft To deliver the humanitarian cargo, an automobile convoy has been formed from the Russian peacekeeping contingent, which will march over 300 km from Yerevan to Stepanakert.
15.10.2021 (16:25) At the Slavic Shield 2021 exercise of Russian-Serbian air defence group successfully repelled a massive air strike The units of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Air Force of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Serbia during the joint exercise were alerted 17 times for the detection and tracking of air targets.
15.10.2021 (15:10) In Serbia, as part of an exercise, a Russian-Serbian air defence group hit targets simulating enemy air attack During the exercise, the issues of interaction and joint combat use of air defense units of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation and the air force of the Republic of Serbia were worked out.
14.10.2021 (21:30) Russian and Serbian pilots practice rescue operation within BARS 2021 exercise The BARS 2021 flight tactical exercise is held in accordance with international military cooperation. There are up to ten aircraft of Serbian Air Force and Air Defence.
14.10.2021 (16:30) As part of Slavic Shield 2021 exercise, a joint Russian-Serbian air defence group took up combat duty During combat duty, the joint air defence group will conduct the practical actions of crews to repel massive air strikes of an air enemy in a difficult jamming environment.
13.10.2021 (22:00) Helicopter crews practice attacks on ground targets in BARS 2021 Russian-Serbian exercise During the flights, army aviation pilots performed combat launches of unguided missile weapons from various types of maneuvers, including turning on a hill and diving.
13.10.2021 (21:30) Joint crews of Russia and Serbia performed combat maneuvers and flights in pairs at the BARS 2021 exercise In course of performing combat training missions, the pilots performed elements of short-range maneuverable air combat, including offensive and defensive tactics.
12.10.2021 (19:45) Participants of the Russian-Serbian exercise BARS 2021 completed their first flights Army aviation pilots completed flight missions at established intervals and distances, combat cover for units involved in the evacuation of conditionally in distress, and also performed complex aerobatics.
11.10.2021 (14:30) BARS 2021 participants began theoretical training The pilots study the area of the forthcoming actions, the routes of the aircraft, the terminology of the radio exchange.
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