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19.01.2022 (16:45) First units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, involved in the check of the response forces of the Union State, arrive in the Republic of Belarus The units of the Eastern Military District marched in a combined way to unfamiliar training grounds to the places of training tasks.
19.01.2022 (13:15) First night exercise of Central MD motorized riflemen this year took place In total, about 500 military personnel, more than 60 pieces of weapons and special equipment were involved in the combat training event.
18.01.2022 (11:00) Southern MD MiG-29 crews conduct air battles in Armenian skies The flights took place by day and at night.
17.01.2022 (17:30) The CMD scouts on the armored vehicles Tiger performed the fire raid on a mock enemy near Orenburg The assault rifles AK-12, machine guns Pecheneg, noiseless weapons and explosives were used during the raid.
14.01.2022 (16:30) Tankers in the Moscow regionof the Kantemirov division destroyed the defensive positions of the mock enemy with a tank strike More than 150 military personnel and more than 60 units of weapons and military equipment of the Kantemirovsky Tank Division of the WMD were involved in the tactical-special exercise.
14.01.2022 (08:45) In Transbaikal, military intelligence units of the combined arms formation of the Eastern Military District began preparing the second stage of the Tactical Shooter competition A special feature of the competition is the performance of a single-firing exercise with a sequential change of position for firing in a cycle: lying down, kneeling, standing.
12.01.2022 (12:00) A special purpose detachment of the Central Military District made a fire raid on a field camp of a mock enemy More than 200 military personnel took part in the exercise, held in the Novosibirsk region, and about 20 units of military equipment were involved.
12.01.2022 (10:45) The crews of the CF warships have begun preparations for going to sea in the new year The servicemen worked out a set of tasks for preparing ships for battle and campaign, anti-sabotage defence of ships, detection, capture and destruction of air targets.
11.01.2022 (12:30) The pilots of the Central Military District began to perform the first combat training tasks in 2022 The crews worked out the fire defeat of a mock enemy, monitoring of airspace, reconnaissance of enemy objects and patrolling areas of deployment of troops.
11.01.2022 (10:15) The crews of modern Su-25SM attack aircraft of the Southern Military District in the Kuban began their first flights in 2022 The crews are also practicing launches of guided missiles and the dropping of corrected aerial bombs on the positions of a mock enemy at one of the aviation ranges in the Kuban.
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