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14.01.2022 (14:00) In the waters of the Indian port of Cochin, the crews of ships of the Pacific Fleet took part in the international exercise PASSEX The ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet and the Indian Navy have worked out the organization of communication, information exchange and joint maneuvering.
01.01.2022 (11:00) Land Forces plan 10 joint international exercises in 2022 Outside the Russian Federation, 6 joint exercises will be held.
13.12.2021 (14:15) The Central Military District will increase the number of joint activities with Central Asian countries in 2022 The most significant will be the joint exercise with the CSTO peacekeeping forces Unbreakable Brotherhood 2022.
06.12.2021 (13:45) Crews of ships of the Russian Navy and the Egyptian Navy have started the naval phase of Bridge of Friendship 2021 joint exercise Prior to this, the participants in the exercise conducted an onshore phase, during which they underwent training on communication between ships and a pre-voyage conference.
03.12.2021 (13:15) In 2021, 11 international exercises were held in the Central Military District The objectives of the exercises were to work out issues of management and use of operational deployment troops, as well as in resolving armed conflicts and stabilizing the situation in the countries of the Central Asian region.
02.12.2021 (05:45) The large anti-submarine ship of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Panteleev takes part in the first naval exercise of the ASEAN countries and the Russian Navy ARNEX-2021 The joint exercise ARNEX-2021 takes place in the territorial waters of Indonesia near the island of Ve from December 1 to 3.
16.11.2021 (12:00) Military traffic inspectors in Tajikistan provided escort of military columns for the Cobalt-2021 exercise Servicemen on BTR-80 armored personnel carriers and Tiger armored vehicles made a 45-kilometer march from Dushanbe and the Lyaur training ground to the Fakhrabad training ground.
16.11.2021 (09:00) The units of the Central Military District arrived at the Fakhrabad training ground to participate in the joint CSTO exercise Cobalt-2021 In total, about 60 servicemen and 10 pieces of military equipment will be involved from the Russian side, including 2 Mi-8MTV5-1 helicopters of the 201st military base air group.
13.11.2021 (19:30) Detachment of ships of Black Sea Fleet arrive at Algerian port to participate in Russian-Algerian naval exercise The purpose of the exercise is to practice joint actions of the navies of the two countries, to strengthen security in the region.
13.11.2021 (11:30) The Commander of the Central Military District troops presented awards to servicemen following the results of the CSTO joint exercise Unbreakable Brotherhood-2021 In total, more than 1.7 thousand people representing the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the CSTO member states took part in the exercise.
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