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27.01.2022 (05:00) The Su-35S EMD fighters involved in the inspection of the reaction forces of the Union State have completed their flight to airfields in Belarus The crews of the fighters took off from the airfield in the Khabarovsk territory and covered a distance of about 8 thousand kilometers.
16.12.2021 (11:15) Pilots and anti-aircraft gunners of the Southern Military District worked out joint actions with the air defence forces of the Republic of Armenia More than 500 military personnel of the Southern Military District and Armenia took part in the joint training of the forces and means of aviation and air defence of the two countries.
15.12.2021 (11:00) Combat crews of the S-400 Triumph air defence system in the Crimea conducted an exercise on the protection of airspace The military personnel of the air force and air defence units carried out a set of measures to detect, escort and perform electronic launches on control targets by combat crews.
13.12.2021 (16:00) Crews of Baltic Fleet ships conduct air defence training The servicemen discovered unidentified air targets and repelled an air strike of a mock enemy.
10.12.2021 (15:45) Since the beginning of October, more than 130 tons of liquefied oxygen have been delivered to civil medical institutions in the North-West of Russia Assistance to the regions is provided on the instructions of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation after appeals from the heads of regions.
01.12.2021 (10:30) Anti-aircraft gunners of the Southern Military District have started receiving the latest S-350 Vityaz air defence systems In the near future, the anti-aircraft gunners of the Southern Military District will conduct missile launches, after which they will march to the area of combat duty.
24.11.2021 (12:45) Helicopter pilots of the Central Military District practiced maneuvers in the air to escape from the air defence of a mock enemy in the Novosibirsk region More than 10 Mi-8AMTSh-V helicopters were involved in the training flights, as well as about 50 military personnel from among the flight and engineering personnel of a separate helicopter regiment.
09.11.2021 (13:15) Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu held another conference call with the leadership of the Armed Forces Among the topics he proposed for discussion were the modernization of the nuclear submarine Irkutsk.
07.11.2021 (19:30) The air defence crew of the frigate Admiral Essen of the Black Sea Fleet conducted an exercise to cover the base point from a missile strike The targets were electronically imitated by the ship's weapons control systems and conditionally destroyed before the aircraft entered the combat course.
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