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19.01.2022 (10:15) Engineering Formula and Safe Route competitions preliminaries at Black Sea Fleet In total, more than 200 military personnel of the Black Sea Fleet took part in the first stage of these competitions, about 40 units of engineering equipment were involved.
18.01.2022 (12:30) Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 crews training flights in difficult meteorological conditions The pilots performed training tasks in low overcast, limited visibility and various precipitation.
17.01.2022 (09:30) Medical units of the Black Sea Fleet have started the first stage of the competition Military Medical Relay Race of the Games-2022 Medics evacuated the conditionally wounded servicemen under the fire of a mock enemy, provided them with first aid and fired a Makarov pistol.
12.01.2022 (14:45) A tactical flight exercise to search for a submarine took place with the crews of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet About 10 crews of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation took part in the exercise, Be-12 and An-26 aircraft, Ka-27PL anti-submarine helicopters and Mi-8 helicopter were involved.
12.01.2022 (13:30) The newest mine defence ship Georgy Kurbatov has arrived in Sevastopol The crew completed the inter-fleet transition from the Baltic to the Black Sea Fleet, during which the ship passed more than 5 thousand nautical miles.
29.12.2021 (09:30) Crews of frigate Admiral Essen and Ka-27PL helicopter of Black Sea Fleet practice actions to search for mock enemy submarine The exercise on the use of high-precision weapons in the Black Sea was held in accordance with the combat training plan of the naval forces.
27.12.2021 (10:15) Exercise with signal and electronic warfare units of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea During the exercise, the military deployed a field communications center and broadband wireless access networks to organize stable communication channels between units and command.
25.12.2021 (12:00) A detachment of ships of the Black Sea Fleet passed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the waters of the Mediterranean Sea For the crews of the newest ships Georgy Kurbatov and Vsevolod Bobrov this is the first inter-fleet crossing, during which they will have to overcome more than 5 thousand nautical miles, and conduct a number of ship exercises.
23.12.2021 (13:15) The Su-27SM3 crews of the Southern Military District worked out fighter cover of an air patrol over the Black Sea After completing the training tasks, the fighter crews will be allowed to conduct actual air patrols and escort and intercept sea and air objects.
20.12.2021 (11:15) The newest ship Cyclone successfully performed artillery firing in the Black Sea during state tests The crew of the ship fired from artillery systems in normal mode, as well as at maximum angles of rotation and ascent at sea, coastal and air targets.
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