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18.03.2015 (13:05) During the strategic command-and-staff training the Southern MD attack and army aviation perform redeployment at operational airfields In particular, composite air squadron of the Southern MD consisting of 10 Mi-8 and Mi-24N helicopters has been redeployed at the Krymsk airfield in Krasnodar Krai.
17.03.2015 (15:34) Young pilots of the Pacific Fleet Naval Aviation practice intercepting and destroying imaginary enemy in the sky over Kamchatka Apart from that, they practice the instrument flying without observing the horizon, direction finding and navigation in the clouds.
17.03.2015 (11:16) Russian Knights pilots to take part in a campaign for contract service in Rostov-on-Don The crews will demonstrate the best elements of their aerobatic programme – flights in pairs, within a group of 6 aircraft at minimum intervals and distances as well as solo flying.
17.03.2015 (08:00) According to the surprise inspection the Northern Fleet, separate formations of the Western MD and the Airborne troops, the Air Force starts redeployment at reserve airfields In the course of the next 24 hours about 50 aircraft and helicopters will cover from 400 to 4 000 km for redeployment.
16.03.2015 (15:14) Tactical bomber crews of the Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation practiced air refueling The Su-24M aircraft were refueled in pairs and solo day and night by the aerial tanker Il-78.
13.03.2015 (20:31) Military transport pilots are ready for the unique operation aimed to search area for the polar station “Barneo-2015” In the course of the next week the crew of the IL-76 aircraft will carry out a continuous flight from the Tver Region to the Murmansk Region which will be the starting point of their way to the North Pole.
13.03.2015 (15:01) The Southern MD started selection of the aircrews for participation in the Aviadarts contest According to the flight combat skills 20 best crews of operational-tactic, transport and army aviation will be selected for participation in the Aviadarts contest.
12.03.2015 (18:13) Russian-Serbian joint tactical flight exercise to be held in September Crews of operational-tactical and army aviation of Russia and Serbia will take part in the exercise.
09.03.2015 (00:00) Joint legation from the USA and Czech Republic to carry out observation flight over the territory of Russia The observation flight will be carried out on March 9-14 from an airfield in Khabarovsk on an OC-135B aircraft within the Treaty on Open Skies.
05.03.2015 (12:13) Cadets of the Chelyabinsk Higher Military Aviation School for Navigators getting prepared to perform their first training bombing tasks It will take place at the range of Safakulevo in the Kurgan Region. The bombing will be performed at land targets with the use of 50-kg air bombs.
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