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15.10.2021 (13:30) Military specialists and representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency complete the reconnaissance of the main and reserve landing area of Soyuz MS-18 The landing of the descent vehicle of the Soyuz MS-18 spacecraft, on which cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko, will return to Earth, is scheduled for the morning of October 17.
14.10.2021 (12:45) In the Leningrad Region, the pilots of transport aviation of the Western Military District perform test flights during the summer training period The crews of An-26, An-12 and An-72 have practiced the basic elements of piloting: taxiing to the runway, takeoff, flight along a given route, air navigation.
14.10.2021 (10:00) Southern Military District medics will practice the evacuation of the wounded at the training grounds as part of a large-scale command-post exercise Medical units of formations and military units of the Southern Military District will deploy field medical centres on the ground, and will work out group standards for special training.
12.10.2021 (19:45) Participants of the Russian-Serbian exercise BARS 2021 completed their first flights Army aviation pilots completed flight missions at established intervals and distances, combat cover for units involved in the evacuation of conditionally in distress, and also performed complex aerobatics.
14.09.2021 (20:00) The Silok-01 radio suppression system protected the control point of the coalition group of troops from a mock enemy UAV at the Mulino training ground The radio-electronic impact on satellite navigation systems, control channels and data transmission of UAVs was worked out during the main stage of the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2021.
13.09.2021 (06:00) The crews of the WMD Army Aviation worked out a "helicopter carousel" and provided cover for the units of the ground forces during the JSE Zapad-2021 During the performance of combat training flight tasks, the pilots of the Army Aviation used the combat experience gained in the Syrian Arab Republic as widely as possible.
12.09.2021 (23:00) Russian and Belarusian pilots within the framework of the Zapad-2021 exercise worked out the use of aviation weapons at the Ruzhansky training ground in the Republic of Belarus According to the plan of the exercise, the intelligence found a large group of the mock enemy, including an airfield with airline complexes. Allied planes took to the sky to destroy it. Belarusian Su-30SM fighters were the first to appear over the objects, they conducted additional reconnaissance of the area and took control of the airspace.
12.09.2021 (10:45) The aviation of the Leningrad formation of the air force and air defence repelled an air attack by a mock enemy during the Zapad-2021 exercise According to the plan of the exercise, more than 10 tactical episodes were played to intercept air targets in the sky, as well as to destroy military equipment and engineering fortifications of the mock enemy on the ground.
12.09.2021 (06:20) The crews of the aircraft of the VKS and the aviation of the WMD worked out a massive bomb attack at the aviation training ground near Smolensk as part of the JSE Zapad-2021 The pilots carried out the use of aerial bombs on ground targets indicating armored vehicles, concrete shelters, camouflaged fortified underground command posts of a mock enemy.
12.09.2021 (04:03) The crews of the Su-35 fighter jets of the WMD aviation intercepted highly maneuverable air targets during the JSE Zapad-2021 Pilots of Su-30SM fighters of the Aerospace Forces performed a flight at altitudes of more than 10 thousand meters, maneuvering and changing the flight path.
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