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24.12.2021 (08:30) The crews of the army aviation of the Southern Military District performed training flights in the mountains of Armenia The most important element in the helicopter crew training program was flights in difficult weather conditions and at night.
22.12.2021 (17:30) A batch of five MiG-31BM interceptor fighters entered service with the Central Military District in 2021 The main samples of weapons were received by the regiment from the aircraft factory in Nizhny Novgorod.
22.12.2021 (13:15) A batch of Su-34 bombers has arrived at the Lipetsk Aviation Center of the VKS Previously, specialists of the Aerospace Forces conducted a comprehensive reception of aviation equipment at the manufacturing plant.
16.12.2021 (12:15) In the Volga region, the crews of the Su-34 CMD bombed the artillery of a mock enemy The combat training event was held as part of the operational and combat training of the command staff of the Central Military District.
16.12.2021 (11:15) Pilots and anti-aircraft gunners of the Southern Military District worked out joint actions with the air defence forces of the Republic of Armenia More than 500 military personnel of the Southern Military District and Armenia took part in the joint training of the forces and means of aviation and air defence of the two countries.
13.12.2021 (17:00) Central MD crews of Su-34 and Su-24MR practice air-to-air refuelling Pilots perform the most difficult element of flight training at a speed of 600-650 km/h, approaching a tanker at a distance of up to 10 m.
13.12.2021 (12:15) New batch of Su-35s aircraft arrives at Lipetsk aeronautical centre of Aerospace Forces Earlier, Aerospace Forces specialists carried out a comprehensive reception of aviation equipment at the manufacturing plant, during which they performed control checks of the operation of the systems and mechanisms of equipment in various modes on the ground and in the air.
10.12.2021 (10:45) Command flights with fighter pilots of the Southern Military District took place over the Black Sea The flight crew of the Su-27SM3 and Su-30M2 fighters have worked out the main and most complex elements of piloting.
08.12.2021 (08:45) Command flights took place in Southern MD air regiment in Volgograd region Su-24M crews practiced the main and most complex piloting elements, flights at extremely low altitudes, in difficult meteorological conditions during the day and at night, instrument landing, maneuvers to evade weapons.
01.12.2021 (15:30) Military transport aircraft finished landing evacuated citizens and took off from Afghanistan On board the IL-76 aircraft are 214 citizens of the Russian Federation, CSTO member states (Kyrgyzstan) and Afghan students studying at Russian universities.
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