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04.06.2020 (15:00)

Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides military personnel delivered almost 5 tons of humanitarian aid to the Syrian village of Marran

Military personnel of the Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides delivered humanitarian aid weighing 4.85 tons, packed in 250 packages, to the small Syrian village of Marran.

Due to the epidemiological situation, the Russian military handed over the vital cargo to the local administration, which will distribute it among the residents.

A crowd of local residents gathered near the school where the humanitarian aid was delivered, despite the fact that there were no plans to distribute it on the day of the delivery. Some of the newcomers even took part in unloading packages of supplies delivered by the Russian military.

For reference:

As previously reported, the Russian container ship "Sparta-2" brought almost 850 tons of humanitarian aid to the Syrian port of Tartus - 53 containers with rice, cereals, canned food and tea. A few days later, a convoy of Russian vehicles delivered 170 tons of cargo to east of Euphrates. Delivery of food aid to various provinces of Syria is dedicated for the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic war. In total, Russian military personnel conducted more than 2,400 humanitarian actions in Syria and distributed more than 4,000 tons of food.

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