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26.05.2020 (15:00)

Residents of the north-east of Syria thanked the Russian military for starting to move along part of the M-4 highway

The civilians of Syria thanked Russia for the opportunity to ride on the area East to Euphrates section of the highway M-4.

The day before, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides reported the beginning of the movement of civilian vehicles on the section of the M-4 highway between the settlements of Ain- Issa and tel-Tamr with on a distance of more than 160 kilometers. The columns are accompanied by Russian military police, and their movement is tracked from the air by Russian unmanned aerial vehicles. Previously, only Russian-Turkish patrols took place in this area, and civilians were forced to move around, which was increasing the length of the route to 350 kilometers.

Traffic has opened up in both directions, now every day from two localities towards each other will be sent columns with civilian cars accompanied by Russian military police.

During the first day, accompanied by Russian military personnel, more than 400 people in more than a hundred cars passed along the open route.

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