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13.01.2020 (22:05)

Briefing by the Centre for Reconciliation and Control of the movement of refugees in the Syrian Arab Republic (January 13, 2020)

Peaceful settlement of the conflict and rendering of comprehensive assistance are the main vectors of work in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation carried out two humanitarian actions in the settlement of Douma, Damascus province, and Magrid, Latakia province. People received 600 food sets with a total weight of 2.9 tons.

In total, since the Russian Centre for Reconciliation started settlement process, it carried out 2,329 humanitarian actions. The total weight of humanitarian cargo delivered amounts to 3,913.95 tons.

253 Syrians in Kobani, Aleppo province and Qamishliyah, Al-Hasakah province were provided with medical care by Russian Defence Ministry military doctors. In total, 117,675 Syrians were provided with medical assistance by Russian military medics.

The joint efforts of Russia and Turkey continue to implement the provisions of the Russian-Turkish Memorandum of common ground of October 22, 2019.

Patrols of the Russian military police continue along the route: al-Arimah - Kozdzhali-Kebir - Abu al-Kaft - Hamir-Labda - Kaber-Kebir - Mesherfet-Ed-Bouir - Deliafar - Khaled El-Hijan - Maisra - al-Arimah; al-Arimah - al-Hutta - Mesherf - Tleila - Abu al-Kaft - Northern outskirts of Manbij - Zub-Albin - Adjami in Aleppo province.

Along the routes: Camishlia - Mabruk electrical substation - Camishlia; Camishlia - Sihur - Safai - Jerada - Regime - Saran - Rejman - Hasece - Camishlia in Al-Hasakah province.

Along the route: Ain-Isa - Tell al-Samen - Ali al-Hasan - Hazima - Hamret-Nasser - Hamret-Buvetya - Jisr Shennina - Jarva - Hazima Ali El Hasan - Tell-Es-Samen - Ain Isa in Raqqa province.

The Army Aviation carried out air patrol along the routes: Kamishlia airfield - Tell al-Shur-Gabri - elevator Alia - Tell al-Shur-Gabri - Kamishlia airfield; Aerodrome Metras - Shwaikhan - Ain-Isa - Bir-Shmandur - Mishrak - Ain-Isa - Shwaikhan - Aerodrome Metras; Kvayres airfield - Mishraka - Ain-Isa - Shwaikhan - Kvayres airfield.

Illegal armed groups do not stop shelling the positions of the Syrian Armed Forces and settlements, provoking government troops in retaliation. On January 12, militants from the Maar-Shamsha area launched an attack on the positions of government forces in the direction of Dzhardzhanaz settlement . The attack involved up to 100 militants and 5 pickups with heavy machine guns mounted on them. The attack was repelled by fire of tanks and small arms of the Syrian government forces units.

Over the past 24 hours, 27 cases of ceasefire violations was registred.

Militants of illegal armed groups attacked Aleppo, Binyamin, Hah-Sheikh-Maksud, Hitbathirs, al-Kasibia, Makanis-Ed-Duwairi, Aleppo Province; Beit Smair, Kinsibba, Tell-Sidi Jadar, Ain-En-Ashra, Kuhbania, Ain-El-Kantara in Latakia province; Khalban, Sukkoria, Abu Daphna, Jardanaz, El-Kasibia, Zakhabia, Zaytun, Tertikh in Idlib province, Kara-Jurn in Hama province.

The withdrawal of civilians from the areas controlled by the armed groups of the Idlib de-escalation zone in the territory controlled by the Syrian government forces was organized. Checkpoints in the settlements of Abu al-Duhur in Idlib province, al-Hader in Aleppo province and Habit in Hama province began to operate on January 13, 2020 from 12:00 local time (13:00 Moscow time).

The checkpoints are equipped with places for emergency medical care, drinking water, hot meals, medicines and basic necessities, and vehicles have been allocated to transport citizens to safe areas.

In total, over the past day, 464 people and 26 vehicles went through the al-Hader checkpoint in Aleppo province, 519 people and 33 vehicles passed through the Habit checkpoint in Hama province. No people passed through Abu al-Duhur checkpoint in Idlib province.

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides urges leaders of illegal armed formations to cease hostilities and move towards peaceful settlement of the situation in areas they occupy, and ensure delivery of humanitarian relief to Syrian civilians.

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