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14.11.2019 (14:30)

Joint Coordination Committee of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic announced the continued intervention of the United States and its allies in the internal affairs of the Republic


of Joint Coordination Committee of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic "On the humanitarian situation in Syria and problems hindering the implementation of the initiative to return refugees and internally displaced persons to their chosen places of residence"

November 14, 2019

Joint Coordination Committee of Russia and Syria continues to work actively to provide comprehensive assistance to Syrian citizens in returning to their homeland and restoring peaceful life in the country. Undertaken measures in this direction are yielding positive results.

Up to the date, 1 999 848 Syrian citizens have already returned to their homes, of whom 1 304 919 – internally displaced persons and 694 929 – refugees from foreign countries.
32 372 socially significant and industrial facilities have been reconditioned and put into operation on the territory of the Syria.
The figures presented show the effectiveness of measures taken by the Syrian government to create decent living conditions for its citizens, as well as the voluntary and safe return of refugees to their homeland.
A large-scale state housing program has been launched, providing for the population preferential conditions for mortgage lending.
Significant progress has been made in national reconciliation. Complicated and long-term diplomatic work at all venues, including the Astana and Sochi was marked by the beginning of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee under the auspices of the UN in Geneva.
Taking care for the health of citizens the Syrian government has launched a campaign in struggle with various diseases in the governmental of Aleppo, Raqqa, Haseke, and Deir Ez-Zor, which provides for the founding of a joint registry of patients. The Syrian government also providing assistance to the citizens from other provinces.
Humanitarian aid is delivered to the areas most affected by the war. During the only one humanitarian action, the group of Russian forces provided about fifteen (14.7) tons of food among the local population in Ain Isa.
Syrian Arab Red Crescent employees assisted refugees in the El Arisha camp near Haseke, distributing among them about four thousand food packs and about seven thousand sets of winter clothes.
The Syrian government supports the international humanitarian organizations in their commitment to facilitate the El Kohl’s population, where the humanitarian situation continues to be difficult. Tens of thousands of children left without care are being radicalized and need to be saved. Such work is carried out by the Russian mission under the supervision of Anna Kuznetsova, the Commissioner for Children's Rights of the Russian Federation. Representatives of the Kazakhstan and other countries are successfully working in this direction.
At the same time, the United States and its allies do not stop destructive interference into the internal affairs of Syria. On the direction of President D. Trump, part of the American forces was returned on the territory to the east of Euphrates allegedly “to protect the oil rigs”. In fact, the appropriation of hydrocarbon raw materials is taking place with the aim of gaining and supporting of anti-government forces in the region. The blatant misappropriation of the national property of the Syrian people directly hindering the process of a soon revival of the economy of the republic.
At the same time, unfounded appeals to conduct additional inspections to the shelters, despite the tremendous work done to create and develop them, as well as the recognition by all international organizations of the conformity of the living conditions with the humanitarian standards of the United Nations.
In addition, the United States has significantly stepped up the opposition to the Russian-Syrian initiative on the return of refugees from border states, including Jordan and Lebanon, where the citizens of Syria are imposed an opinion about the difficult socio-political and economic situation in the country. The programs aimed to assimilate Syrians abroad are funding.
Due to the unwillingness of the US party to guarantee the safety of humanitarian representatives in the occupied Al-Tanf zone, the implementation of the UN operational plan for the evacuation of refugees from the al-Rukban camp has been suspended for more than a month. Only now the information has been received about a notification allegedly sent to the UN from the international coalition led by the United States about its readiness to provide security guarantees for representatives of international humanitarian organizations during the withdrawing refugees from al-Rukban.
We expect that the US party will finally take the true steps to ensure the security guarantees of the representatives of the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for the soon withdrawal of the remaining refugees from Rukban.
We appealing again to the entire world. How many victims should the Syrian people sacrifice to encourage the world community, does not look at these problems through the prism of the US-created lies, but gives a real assessment of their illegal actions on the territory of a sovereign state? Cause the illegal foreign presence many countries of the Middle East are suffering.
The UN stance is very important in influencing the American leadership in the urgent disbandment of the al-Rukban camp and elimination of the 55-kilometer security zone around Al-Tanf.

Head of the Interagency Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation on returning of refugees to the Syrian Arab Republic - Chief of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation

M. Mizintsev

Head of the Interagency Coordination Headquarters of Syria on returning of refugees to the Syrian Arab Republic - Minister of Municipal Administration and Ecology of the Syrian Arab Republic

H. Mahlouf

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