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18.09.2019 (12:40)

Russian and Syrian joint coordination headquarters make another statement on problems hindering the restoration of peaceful life in Syria


by joint coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic "the problems hindering the return of refugees from the Rukban and al-Hol camps"

September 28, 2019

Today we hold another session of joint coordination committees of the Russian Federation of the Syrian Arab Republic dedicated to the disbandment of Rukban refugee camp and problems arising from the destructive actions of the United States, which in every way impede the implementation of the plan for the evacuation of the remaining civilians, implemented jointly with the United Nations.

A joint effort of Russia and Syria, in close cooperation with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, has done tremendous work to ensure that the remaining inhabitants of this camp are returned to their homes.

As part of the implementation of the joint plan for the disbandment of Rukban, the Syrian government has carried out a whole range of measures to adequately receive its citizens, provide them with everything necessary in temporary accommodation centers, issue simplified documents and deliver to selected places of residence where everything necessary for a normal life has been prepared.

In order to restore peace as soon as possible throughout the country, the pace of restoration of infrastructure and social facilities is increasing. In total, 33,663 social facilities and 14,427 industrial enterprises have been recovered and launched in various parts of the country.

The high efficiency of the measures taken by the Syrian government is also confirmed by statistics on the number of returning citizens to the country.

A total of 1,676,833 Syrian citizens have already returned to their homes from abroad, with 1,282,053 of internally displaced persons and 394,780 of refugees.

Presented facts testify to the fulfillment by the Syrian leadership of all guarantees and obligations undertaken to ensure security and a decent life for Syrian citizens returning to their homes, including from Rukban camp. This was repeatedly confirmed by the heads of humanitarian structures of the United Nations.

At the same time, as part of the implementation of the plan for the withdrawal of residents of the Rukban camp, the American side required only a small amount: oblige controlled armed gangs to ensure the safety of United Nations and Syrian Arab Red Crescent bus convoys in the 55-kilometer al-Tanf zone, as well as arrange their admission to the camp to evacuate Syrian citizens.

Fulfilling its part of its obligations, the Syrian government supported the United Nations initiative to deliver humanitarian supplies to the camp in the hope that this would alleviate the suffering of those preparing to return to their homes. But provocations organized by US-controlled militants put the operation to evacuate the residents of Rukban to the brink of disruption.

The leaders of the armed gangs operating in the al-Tanf zone refused to guarantee security to the representatives of the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in the 55-kilometer zone al-Tanf. At the same time, a significant part of the humanitarian aid intended for the residents of the camp was seized by militants.

The current situation indicates that the American side gave its consent to the implementation of the operational plan for the dismantling of the Rukban camp only in order to provide humanitarian assistance to the militants controlled by them.

At the same time, according to the United Nations and the World Health Organization, the situation in the camp, taking into account the approaching cold season, will only degrade.

Obviously, the United States and its allies are indifferent to the fate of Syrian civilians. The Americans need hotbeds of tension in Syria only to justify their illegal presence on the territory of a sovereign state and to satisfy their geopolitical ambitions by any means. Wherever there is an American presence, one can see devastation, famine, epidemics and rampant crime.

Another proof of the destructive policy pursued by the United States in Syria is the al Hol refugee camp, which is also located on the territory illegally occupied by American troops. To date, the United States has not seen any constructive steps to dissolve this hotbed of extremism, where the humanitarian situation is much worse than in Rukban.

Raqqa is another non-healing wound on the long-suffering body of Syria, where, a humanitarian catastrophe has been maintained for a year under silent inaction by the American side.

The city was completely destroyed by the bombing of the Air Force of the international coalition and is located in US-occupied territory. To date, work on its restoration has not been launched; large-scale mine clearance is not ongoing. As a result, explosive ordnance daily kill or injure local residents. To analyze the huge blockages you need equipment and qualified specialists who are not, since the United States and its allies have no interest in this.

It has already become a standard result of US regional policy aimed at achieving only their own goals without taking into account the interests of the local population.

We believe that the illegal presence of the United States and its allies in Syria only exacerbates the criminal situation and hinders the restoration of peaceful life in the country. It is possible to stabilize the situation in the region only after the complete withdrawal of the American contingent and the transfer of the occupied territories to the control of the legitimate government of Syria.

Head of Russian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Head of National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation

Mizintsev M.

Head of Syrian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Local Administration Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic

Makhlouf H.

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