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30.08.2019 (09:22)

Foreign journalists visit temporary stay centre for refugees returning to their homes in Homs

On Thursday, foreign journalists visited the refugee centre at Rukban camp, which can accommodate about 1,200 people, and evaluated the conditions created for Syrians returning to their homes. Refugees usually stay here only while their documents are being recovered, but can remain in the Centre for as long as required.

Major General Alexei Bakin, Head of the Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides, spoke about the large-scale withdrawal of refugees from the Rukban camp in Syria in September. Thousands of women, children, old people expressed a desire to leave the camp.

Now all the necessary conditions for receiving refugees have been created in temporary accommodation centres: provided medical and psychological assistance, nutrition.

The stories of refugees from the Rukban camp aroused the lively, genuine interest of journalists. According to them, the camp is controlled by militants, and the US military patrol the perimeter, but they do not intervene in the situation.

For Reference:

In al-Tanf zone on the border of Syria with Jordan, there is a US military base. The Rukban is located in a 55-kilometer zone around the base, which is controlled by the US military. The Russian military, representatives of the Foreign Ministries of Russia and Syria have repeatedly stated that the situation in the camp is close to a humanitarian catastrophe.

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