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29.08.2019 (09:15)

Journalists from Europe visit one of largest factories in Aleppo

Foreign journalists from Italy, Greece and Bulgaria visited Sheikh Najar, the industrial zone of Aleppo, to see for themselves how the city comes to life after many years of war.

During the war, Aleppo became one of the main centers of clashes between Syrian government forces and terrorist groups. Many local cultural and religious attractions were destroyed by militants, and the largest industrial area, Sheikh Najar, known for its products throughout the region, was badly damaged.

In the three years after the liberation of the most populated city of Syria, about one and a half million people returned to their homes, and the city was greatly transformed. . If before the war in the city and its environs there were about 34,000 factories and plants, now according to the governor of Aleppo province Hussein Ahmad Diyab, more than 16,000 industrial enterprises have been restored here.

One of the largest thread factories has been idle due to shelling of militants for more than 4 years.

Foreign journalists were impressed by the current situation in industrial areas. 

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