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27.08.2019 (11:00)

Military journalists from Italy, Bulgaria and Greece arrive in Khan Shaykhun

Military journalists from Italy, Bulgaria, and Greece came to Khan Shaykhun to understand what was really happening in Syria and whether the real picture corresponded with the one that some Western mass media repeat.

The M-5 highway connects Aleppo and Damascus. Here on August 19, the Syrian army managed to break through, block the supply channels to the militants and cut off the path to retreat. The militants retreated, surrendering the city without a fight. Thus, Khan Shaykhun managed not only to recapture the terrorists, but also to avoid great destruction in the city, because in fact there were no any battles.

Thanks to this, the process of normalizing peaceful life quickly went on. The Russian military has already joined it. Officers of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides brought the residents of Khan Shaykhun food packages and basic necessities.

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