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14.01.2021 (03:00) Russian military doctors on base Hmeymim in Syria have started training for the evacuation of sick or injured people from remote positions in the helicopter The helicopter is equipped with a special airmobile module with medical equipment. It includes, among other things, ALVs and systems for monitoring the patient's vital signs.
13.01.2021 (03:00) Russian servicemen delivered humanitarian aid to the village of Tey in north-eastern Syria for the first time In the future, the Russian military will continue to expand the geography of humanitarian actions in the north-east of Syria to provide assistance to all those in need.
12.01.2021 (03:00) Russian soldiers conducted a patrol in the Syrian province of Hasakah The column of military personnel passed from the largest city in the province of Qamishli more than 100 kilometers, not allowing provocations from illegal armed groups.
10.01.2021 (03:00) The Russian military doctors, jointly with CPVS conducted humanitarian action in a remote Syrian village Jermes The servicemen handed over 440 food packages to children and families who lost their breadwinners in the battles with the terrorists, and a medical team conducted a medical examination of schoolchildren and distributed medicines.
09.01.2021 (03:00) Russian military personnel at the Hmeymim air base in Syria celebrated the New Year holidays with sports competitions The servicemen competed in a tug-of-war, and also took part in a team paramilitary relay and a power competition.
03.01.2021 (03:00) CPVS servicemen conducted humanitarian action in the village of Uweijah Most of the local residents are engaged in agriculture, and in recent years their incomes have fallen significantly due to small harvests and falling demand for products.
28.12.2020 (15:00) Syrian soldiers told how they train under the guidance of Russian military specialists As part of combat training, Syrian soldiers practice not only shooting from various types of weapons, but also movement skills on the battlefield, learn tactics and medical care.
27.12.2020 (15:00) The Russian military in Syria delivered humanitarian aid to the village of Ajara recaptured from terrorists Local residents were given about 250 food packages with a total weight of 1.2 thousand kg, which include basic food products: rice, flour, sugar, condensed milk and tea.
24.12.2020 (12:25) Joint Statement by Joint Coordination Committee of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic on the problems of the repatriation of the Syrian refugees and IDPs in the COVID-19 environment (December 24, 2020) In order to ensure prompt adaptation to society of all returning citizens, active work is now ongoing to ensure their safety, create jobs and restore the industrial and social infrastructure of the country that was destroyed after the combat actions.
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