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10.11.2020 (15:00) Russian troops handed over humanitarian aid to residents of the Syrian village of Kammin Since the beginning of the settlement process, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria has conducted 2,627 humanitarian actions. The total weight of the humanitarian cargo was 4526.6 tons.
05.11.2020 (15:00) Four tons of humanitarian aid were transferred by Russian troops to residents of the village of Blat in the Syrian province of Aleppo The food packages intended primarily for the most needy segments of the population include flour, rice, sugar, tea and traditional flat cakes.
05.11.2020 (15:00) Russian troops in Syria handed over humanitarian aid to residents of the city of Abu-Jurain in the province of Aleppo More than 400 sets of food kits consisting of basic necessities have been issued to civilians. Military personnel of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides (CPVS) conduct such actions regularly.
31.10.2020 (15:00) Russian troops in Syria delivered humanitarian aid to refugees of the Hamidia camp in the province of Tartus Hamidiya is located eight kilometers from the border with Lebanon. According to the residents of the camp, the conditions in the winter in it will be difficult, so they hope for the help of Russian troops in its arrangement.
23.10.2020 (15:00) Russian military personnel delivered a batch of humanitarian aid to the residents of Syrian Palmyra In addition, the military orchestra of the Russian Aerospace Forces air base in Hmeymim gave a concert for local residents at the site of the world-famous amphitheater.
18.10.2020 (15:00) Russian military personnel delivered humanitarian aid to a remote village in the Syrian province of Aleppo More than 400 food packages consisting of basic necessities such as flour, cereals, tea and sugar were distributed to the civilian population.
30.09.2020 (12:45) The monument to the Hero of Russia Colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin was opened on the Russian air base Hmeymim in Syria The helicopter crew of Colonel Ryafagat Khabibullin died heroically on July 8, 2016 while performing a combat mission in the province of Homs near Palmyra.
28.09.2020 (15:00) Representatives of the Russian CPVS distributed humanitarian aid to residents in the Syrian province of Aleppo The decision to bring food was made after the request of the head of the village. First of all, assistance was provided to large families.
25.09.2020 (15:00) The residents of Palmyra had received a Russian humanitarian aid First of all, the aid goes to the most needy - the local authorities collected data in advance on those families where the men died, and agreed on the required amount of aid with the Russian side.
21.09.2020 (15:00) Residents of villages near Aleppo received food and school backpacks from Russian soldiers In the future, similar actions are planned to be held in other localities in Syria.
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