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17.04.2020 (15:00) A group of 27 fighters who were trained at the base of the US Armed Forces surrendered to the Syrian government forces The surrendered reported on the preparation of sabotage at the oil and gas and transport infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic.
15.04.2020 (10:00) Joint statement of Joint Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic «On the problems hindering the implementation of repatriation of refugees and IDPs in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection» Number of Syrian citizens returning to their homes has fallen sharply and for today does not exceed two people per day; the total number is 2,141,456 people
14.04.2020 (15:00) A special department for patients with coronavirus infection has been opened in a hospital in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor Patients with confirmed infection tests will be admitted to a special isolation unit, access to which is restricted.
13.04.2020 (15:00) The Russian-built bridge over the Euphrates river allowed Syrian farmers to establish supplies to Deir ez-Zor Last year, the Russian military built a 100-meter pontoon bridge that allowed communication between the two banks in the Deir ez-Zor region.
12.04.2020 (15:00) A large craft center in Syria's Hama temporarily suspended work due to coronavirus The center hopes that soon the epidemic of coronavirus infection will be overcome, and life will begin to boil again in the medieval architectural monument.
11.04.2020 (15:00) Residents of Syria began to restore roadside service and grow crops at the liberated M-5 highway This is one of the main highways in the country, connecting Damascus with the economic center of Aleppo.
07.04.2020 (15:00) Syrian soldiers found "torture chambers" of militants in the village of Urem, liberated from militants near Aleppo The village was under the control of various militant groups, who practically did not feed the detainees, but only forced them to admit that they were cooperating with the government forces.
06.04.2020 (15:00) It is planned to restore its historical center of Aleppo in five years By August this year, experts expect to restore the crypt in the medieval Umayyad mosque, which is believed to contain the grave of Saint Zacharias
05.04.2020 (15:00) A large metal factory has resumed operations in Hama province Demand for the company's products is very high due to large-scale construction in Syria, which is returning to peaceful life in the territories liberated from militants.
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