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07.04.2020 (15:00) Syrian soldiers found "torture chambers" of militants in the village of Urem, liberated from militants near Aleppo The village was under the control of various militant groups, who practically did not feed the detainees, but only forced them to admit that they were cooperating with the government forces.
06.04.2020 (15:00) It is planned to restore its historical center of Aleppo in five years By August this year, experts expect to restore the crypt in the medieval Umayyad mosque, which is believed to contain the grave of Saint Zacharias
05.04.2020 (15:00) A large metal factory has resumed operations in Hama province Demand for the company's products is very high due to large-scale construction in Syria, which is returning to peaceful life in the territories liberated from militants.
04.04.2020 (15:00) The Aleppo hospital has prepared a department in case of those infected with the coronavirus There are no cases in the city yet, but doctors are preparing for all possible scenarios.
02.04.2020 (15:00) In Syria, the restoration of Hamdaniyah district on the outskirts of Aleppo began First of all, in this area, the authorities began to restore the infrastructure, roads and substation, which supply all surrounding neighborhoods.
01.04.2020 (15:00) Authorities of Hama province spoke about the post-war development of the region According to the vice-governor of the province, Amer Sultan, cargo is now daily sent from Hama to other affected provinces, for example, Idlib or Deir ez-Zor, which are restored after being released from terrorists.
12.02.2020 (10:04) Russian and Syrian coordination Headquarters made a joint statement on the problems hindering the implementation of initiative on refugees and internally displaced persons return to places of their residence The most difficult situation remains in the Idlib de-escalation zone, where there is a high probability of a humanitarian catastrophe in connection with the terrorist activities of the militants.
29.01.2020 (10:00) Joint coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria made a joint statement on the problems hindering the return of Syrian refugees Since January 13, 2020, through the humanitarian corridors organized by Russia and Syria, 1,490 people were able to leave the areas controlled by the armed groups of the Idlib de-escalation zone.
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