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06.09.2019 (11:15) In 1.5 years, builders in Aleppo repaired 200 houses in a residential area of al-Hamdamiya By the end of 2020, the remaining 160 houses are planned to be repaired on the south-western outskirts of the northern capital of Syria.
05.09.2019 (10:10) Russian and Syrian joint coordination headquarters make another statement on problems hindering the restoration of peaceful life in Syria It states that the necessary conditions for the return of the Syrian people to peaceful life are the final victory over terrorism, the disbandment of refugee camps, and the liberation of the US-occupied Syrian territories with their transfer to the control of the legitimate government.
03.09.2019 (14:53) Russian servicemen of the Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides holds humanitarian action in school at the Orthodox monastery near Damascus In a school under the patronage of one of the most famous monasteries in the Middle East, 250 girls from 7 to 17 years of age study, many of whom were left without parents during the war.
02.09.2019 (10:29) Damascus hosts 61st international fair This year, about 1,800 business enterprises from three dozen countries participate in it.
01.09.2019 (13:00) Another humanitarian action of Russian Centre for Reconciliation in al-Neirab, Aleppo province During the action, representatives distributed several hundred humanitarian kits, each of which contains a small assortment of necessary products for several days.
30.08.2019 (09:22) Foreign journalists visit temporary stay centre for refugees returning to their homes in Homs The stories of refugees from the Rukban camp aroused the lively, genuine interest of journalists.
28.08.2019 (10:18) Foreign journalists got a unique opportunity to visit the Russian Hmeymim Air Base in Syria Here, journalists from several European publications were able to observe the training flights of Russian aircraft.
27.08.2019 (11:00) Military journalists from Italy, Bulgaria and Greece arrive in Khan Shaykhun They want to understand what is really happening in Syria and whether the real picture matches the one that some Western media say.
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