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12.03.2021 (15:00)

Joint Statement by Joint Coordination Committees of the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic оn the problems of the repatriation of the Syrian refugees and IDPs in the COVID-19 environment and under Anti-Syrian sanctions pressure

Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees conduct purposeful work to assist free and safe repatriation of Syrian citizens and rebuilding peaceful life, in the republic. As of today, 2 227 006 Syrian citizens have returned to the places of their choices residents thanks to these joint efforts.

Despite the grave economic situation, the Syrian State continues to make considerable efforts aimed to ensure favourable conditions for repatriation and status regulation of Syrians, as well as their prompt socialization. Anti-COVID sanitary and epidemiological measures to avoid the spread of the infection have been established. Law enforcement and eradicating the terrorist threat measures are being taken on the government-controlled territories. Work is underway on industry and agriculture recovery, on social infrastructure facilities construction.

At that, the US and its allies continue to impede the situation stabilization in the country with all available means. Every claim of the US expressing their aspirations to provide help to the Syrian people actually leads to the further impoverishment of the population. Illegal antisyrian sanctions continue to “strangle” the economy of the Republic.

Americans and its allies, using financial and political leverage, put pressure on several international organization, making them “to turn a blind eye” grave consequences of their sanctions policy and violations of Syrian sovereignty. Such a development could result in aggravating the immigration crisis.

The situation in the camps for IDPs in US-occupied territories remains critical. The de facto loss of control by the Kurdish militia over the “Al-Hawl” camp in Al-Hasakah province, together with efforts to increase influence “on the positions” of the ISIS terrorist organization have been recently stated. Camp residents, above all children, are being radicalized.

We are convinced that leadership of all countries, whose underage citizens remain in “Al-Hawl” and other refugee camps in the North East of Syria are to strengthen coordinated actions of law-enforcement and judicial agencies, as well as human rights institutions to deploy the repatriation procedures as it is realized by the Russian Federation.

We urge the American party to cease the destabilization of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic and to adhere strictly to International law and the United Nations principles. The only possible way to resolve the crisis and reestablish peace, security and stability in the country is regaining control by the Syrian authorities over the illegally occupied by the US and its allies territories.

We call all the international community to put pressure on the USA and its allies in order to address their anti-human sanctions policy against Syria. Syrian people need real help in rebuilding economy and in providing decent living conditions for the citizens.

Head of the Russian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Head of National Center for the State Defense Control of the Russian Federation

Head of the Syrian Joint Coordination Committee on Repatriation of Syrian Refugees - Minister of Local Administration and Environment of the Syrian Arab Republic

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