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In order to implement commitments taken on by the Russian side to restore infrastructure and enable refugees to return home, the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria has developed a draft of the Agreement on Accession to Ceasefire regime for three settlements: Talbisah, Al-Ghantu and Umm Sharshuh (Homs province). The agreement is to be signed on September 21. Total number of reached agreements is 54.

Moreover, ceasefire agreements have also been reached with leaders of seven illegal armed formations numbering from 300 up to 500 people, operating in the provinces of Damascus and Daraa.

Over the last 24-hours, in the vicinity of Takhun-Donguzia (Homs provinces) 41 people have ceased hostilities and sided with the government troops.

On September 18, 1,620 people (348 families) returned home in Tal Rifaat, Kafr Antun, Ahras, Jaba, Wahshiyya and Khalsis from the refugee camp in Manbij.

In settlements of Ahras, Kafr Naya and Kafr Nasih (Aleppo province), the local authorities acquired necessary information to restore welfare objects.

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