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Briefing of the Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria (September 12, 2017)

In order to stabilize situation in the liberated regions of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides continues with its work on recovering infrastructure and enabling Syrian civilians to return to their homes.

National Reconciliation Committees jointly with the Centre for reconciliation are developing a recovery plan for infrastructure priority objects. The Committees jointly with the Russian Centre have established favourable conditions for the new study year in Syrian schools.

Social strain is being decreased in liberated settlements. Civilians are returning to peaceful life.

Municipal authorities are being formed in Tell Rifaat, Deir al-Jamal, Kafr Naya, Ahras, and Kafr Nasih.  

The Reconciliation Centre has held a humanitarian action. Citizens of Wadha, Aleppo province, have received 300 sets with food supplies and 680 packs of bread. 

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