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Briefing of the Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria

Russian Reconciliation Centre continues taking efforts to stabilize situation in areas, which had been liberated from terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic.

National Reconciliation Committees continue their work on returning refugees to their houses and recovering the infrastructure.

Conditions for returning civilians, who had to leave their houses because of warfare, have been established in Deir Hafir and Maskanah (Aleppo province).

The Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides carries out regular activities on improvement of humanitarian situation. A bakery has started operating in Deir Hafir. A hospital has started receiving civilians in Aleppo. Recovery works have been finished in the al-Furkan al-Muhdasar School.

Russian military continue providing humanitarian assistance to citizens of regions liberated from terrorists.

A humanitarian convoy has moved to liberated areas of Deir ez-Zor. The city used to be besieged for 3 years. The Russian party is to deliver food products, bottled drinking water, medicaments, mobile generators, and items of first necessity. 

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