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Joint statement by the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russian Federation and Syrian Arab Republic «On the problems impeding the implementation of the initiative for refugee returning» dated of 31 July 2019

In order to maintain an environment conducive to the return of refugees and internally displaced persons to their pre-war homes, the Syrian government with the assistance of the Russian side continues to do its utmost to establish peace in Syria, rebuild infrastructure and social facilities of the country.

Steps taken by the leadership of the SAR, within the framework of socio-economic support contribute to activation of the return the refugees and internally displaced persons to their places of permanent residence.

Currently, as a result of joint activities of Syria and Russia, over than one million eight hundred sixty four thousand (1 864 715) Syrian citizens have returned to their homes, of which over than one million three hundred two thousand (1 303 284) of internally displaced persons and more than five hundred and sixty one thousand (561 431) are refugees from abroad.

At this background, there noted more constructive position with regard to the activities of the Syrian leadership on the part of the international community, and above all the United Nations Organization and neighboring states of Syria - Lebanon and Jordan. They are increasingly involved in working with the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic to create decent conditions for returning Syrians to their homes.

 The effectiveness of this work is evidenced by the ever-increasing flow of citizens returning across the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Despite the obvious successes in reviving Syria, the United States continue to take a destabilizing effect on the situation both in the country and in the region in general.

Noted with regret, instead of assisting the process of voluntary and safe returning of Syrian citizens to the homeland, a number of nongovernmental organizations controlled by the American side and its allies are working to assimilate the Syrians in the territories of the neighboring countries, increasing information pressure on them and in fact contributing to the exacerbation of the migration crisis in the region.

Such an actions of United States and its allies clearly demonstrate the true goals of Western countries creating barriers on the return of Syrian citizens to their homeland before the next presidential elections in Syria in order to use them as an electoral resource to promote the candidates appropriate for them.

We draw the attention of international community to the economic situation in countries bordering to Syria and forced to bear the financial costs of accommodating refugees continues to deteriorate. The presence of millions of Syrian refugees in their territory is a heavy burden for the social sphere.

Raises concerns one-sided in covering the situation around the camp "Rukban" by the US media and journalists justifying the policy failure of any humanitarian assistance to the refugees in the camp and shift the responsibility on the Syrian side. People are victims of inhumane US politics.

In distributed by American media materials declare that people are not willing to leave this "death camp" since beyond its limits even more “ordeals” await them.

At the same time, the fact that according to a survey conducted by staff of relevant UN agencies, the overwhelming majority of "Rukban" residents have expressed a desire to return to the territories controlled by the legitimate government are deliberately ignored.

 We categorically reject all claims of violation of the rights of returning Syrians. More than 17,000 (17,458) former residents of the "Rukban" camp, returned to their homes in Homs. Representatives of relevant UN agencies also positively assessed the conditions for returning refugees created by the Syrian authorities.

We are convinced the delivery of regular humanitarian aid to "Rukban" is not capable of solve all the problems of its inhabitants. The experience of the first two humanitarian convoys to the camp, carried out under the aegis of the UN, showed that no matter how transparent the distribution of aid was, with the departure of humanitarian workers from the camp, it invariably falls into the hands of the militants. Thus, humanitarian aid from the UN, which ordinary Syrians so badly need, actually goes to supply members of illegal armed groups.

In this regard, we believe this problem must be solved radically - the only way for the speedy rescue of the residents of "Rukban" lies through the final disbandment of the camp.

The situation is even worse in the "El-Khol" refugee camp, also located in the US-controlled territory in the Hasakek province, where over than 71,000 people are in difficult conditions, of which more than 90 percent are women and children.

There still observes an acute shortage of food, essential goods, medicines and medical equipment in the camp. A shortage of drinking water, as well as a seasonal increase in air temperature, create conditions for the spread of infectious diseases.

Poor living conditions provoke the growth of social tension in the camp. This is also conducive to the introduction of the camp administration with the support of the US restrictions on freedom of movement, lack of progress in addressing issues of family reunification and return to their homes.

Thus, in a camp "El-Hol" artificially preserved a significant amount of humanitarian unsolvable problems, which again confirms US position in any way disrupt political settlement Syrian conflict. We believe that further delay in solving these problems will inevitably lead to a resurgence of terrorism in the area of Syria

Once again, we emphasize if at present there is no consolidation of efforts to create decent conditions for the mass return of Syrian refugees to the homeland, then they will most likely leave the countries adjacent to Syria and will be sent across the Mediterranean Sea to other states, primarily European, which would entail a complication of the socio-economic situation already in Europe.

Head of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for the return of refugees to the Syrian Arab Republic - Head of the National Defense Management Center of the Russian Federation


The head of the inter-agency coordination headquarter of Syria to return refugees to the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic - The Minister of Municipal Administration and Ecology of the Syrian Arab Republic


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