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Media briefing of the Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoy

Russian Federation continues providing support to the government of the Syrian Arab Republic in fighting international terrorist groupings active in the country.

It is to be reminded that the Russian aviation has carried out no flights over Aleppo since October 18. Russian aircraft do not operate closer than 10 kilometers far from the city.

Within last three days, units of the Syrian army in cooperation with units of militia have liberated 16 quarters of the northern area in the Eastern Aleppo.

Government troops have taken under control area with population of more than 90 thousand civilians.

Successful offensive of the Syrian troops has disrupted defensive system of illegal armed groups. Owing to this fact, more than 18,000 civilians managed to leave the quarters, which had been controlled by terrorists.

The authorities deployed 8 temporary housing areas for these people. Injured and wounded are receiving necessary medical assistance. Everyone is provided with hot meals.

Russian Centre for reconciliation has delivered field kitchens, dozens of tons of food products and drinking water to Aleppo.

Citizens, who were rescued from insurgents, are describing situations, which had been established in areas controlled by terrorists in Aleppo.

All males, including adolescents over 12, were mobilized by insurgents.

Insurgents carry out regular acts of intimidation of civilians. Almost every day they execute civilians, who tried to organize resistance against terrorists or move to the quarters controlled by government troops.

Illegal armed groups have taken all food storages under their control. Only those, whose relatives fight for insurgents, have an opportunity to buy food products.

Social infrastructure has been almost eliminated. According to eyewitnesses, terrorists have been putting mines and explode schools, hospitals and mosques. Videos demonstrating destroyed buildings have been transferred to the western rights defenders under the guise of sequences of strikes made by the Syrian aviation and artillery.

All eyewitness testimonies are registered by the Centre for reconciliation and Syrian government.
Today, a mobile hospital for 100 persons with pediatrics department, equipped with modern medical equipment, which allow high-tech operations. The hospital is capable to receive 420 ambulatory patients a day.

Russian military medical personnel, who had been performing tasks near Palmyra, will join in providing medical assistance to civilians from areas liberated from terrorists.

Moreover, a unit of the International Mine Action Center of the Russian Armed Forces has left for Syria in order to carry out mine clearing operations in Aleppo. In total, more than 200 military servicemen and 47 pieces of military and special hardware will be involved in the operation.

The specialists of the Russian NBC protection troops continue their work in Syria. They had confirmed the fact of use of chemical munitions containing toxic skin-blister mustard-type substance against civilians in the Marret Umm Haush area in the Aleppo province. The results of these studies have been transferred to representatives of the national authorities in Syria, responsible for the implementation of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

According to the request of the Syrian authorities, the specialists of the Russian Defence Ministry will conduct research in the areas of potential production and storage of chemical munitions in the liberated from terrorists areas of Aleppo and provide assistance to the civilians.

The rebels are leaving the Eastern areas of Aleppo realizing the futility of further resistance.
Recently, 647 members of illegal armed groups have left the city. Among them 630 were granted amnesty and released, an inspection is held in respect of 17 ones.

According to the Syrian government, militants have the choice to leave Aleppo and move to terrorist-controlled Idlib, or to use the amnesty granted by the President of Syria and lay down their arms.

Complex humanitarian situation is being formed in liberated from terrorists areas of Aleppo. Before leaving, the militants brought down all facilities leaving the residents without water and electricity.

Engineer units of Syrian army have immediately started demining the area and the restoration of life system, a water system has started working again in several quarters.

Officers of the Russian Center for reconciliation has undertaken the restoration of socially significant objects for a prompt return to civilian life.

As a result of effective actions of the Syrian government troops the Kastello road has been completely liberated. Thus, there are no obstacles to delivery humanitarian aid to residents of Aleppo.

At the same time the Russian Center for Reconciliation has not received any proposals for the humanitarian assistance from the UN or other international organizations as if after the expulsion of militants civilians no longer need in food and medicine. It is expected that the UN, the Syrian Red Crescent Society and other humanitarian organizations intensify efforts to help the citizens of Aleppo.

Russian Centre of Reconciliation is ready as soon as possible to ensure the safe passage of humanitarian convoys to the liberated from terrorists areas of the city.

In addition, the Russian Federation confirms its readiness to ensure the reception of injured, sick and civilians from the Eastern Aleppo, which remain under the control of militants.

For this reason, four humanitarian corridors in areas of Souk al-Hai market, park al-Sakhur, school Aj Munir, as well as at the mosque of Sheikh Said are still open.

Duty of ambulances and buses has been organized near the humanitarian corridors. They are ready to pick up an injured person to the hospital in the Western Aleppo.

The obligations taken by the Russian Federation have been observed. Russian party continues working on providing the ceasefire regime not only in Aleppo but also in the entire territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

88 ceasefire applications forms have been signed with the leaders of the armed groups of "moderate opposition" and sent to the Russian center for reconciliation.

This month, 134 reconciliation agreements have reached with the heads of inhabited areas. In total, their number has reached 1007.

Roads infrastructure and social sphere buildings destroyed by the war are being restored. Electricity and water are being provided. All this create the conditions for a peaceful life.

More than 100,000 civilians have returned to their houses in inhabited areas, authorities of which had signed truce agreements. This process is continued.

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