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Russian Aerospace Forces engaged another four ISIS facilities in Syria this night

Russian Aerospace Forces engaged another four ISIS facilities this night.

Su-24M and Su-25 aircraft performed 8 sorties eliminating the staff of terrorist groupings and an ammunition depot near Idlib as well as a three-level HQ centre near Hamah.

As a result of a pinpoint bomb attack, a plant aimed for preparation of cars for terrorist attacks located in the north of Homs is completely destroyed.

All the airstrikes of the Russian aviation are coordinated with the Command of the Syrian Army. An operational group of the Ministry of Defence of the Syrian Arab Republic is deployed at the Hmeymim airbase for these purposes.

To prevent engagement of civil population, the targets for the Russian aviation are assigned only outside inhabited areas and only on the basis of confirmed reconnaissance data received from multiple sources.

To provide necessary information concerning the positions of terrorists and the results of their engagement, unmanned aerial vehicles and means of space reconnaissance are used.

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