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24.07.2018 (15:05) Up to 200,000 refugees may return to Syria from EU countries This was announced by Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, the head of the National Centre for State Defence Control of the Russian Federation, at a meeting of the Joint Coordination Centre of the Defence Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on the return of refugees to the Syrian Arab Republic.
20.07.2018 (17:11) Joint Coordination Centre of Russian Defence Ministry and Russian Foreign Ministry for refugees returning to Syria holds planning meeting in Moscow The meeting was supervised by Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, the Head of the National Centre for State Defence Control. He noted that according to preliminary assessments, more than 1,700,000 Syrians are able to return back to places of permanent residence in the near future.
09.07.2018 (15:54) Teachers of anti-mine center of Armed Forces of Russian Federation in Syria return to Russia As stated by the Deputy Chief of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Konstantin Smeshko, the Russian and Syrian engineers in record time held a number of unique operations to rescue tens of thousands of civilians in Syria.
06.07.2018 (12:49) Military Academy of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces teaches methods of post-conflict settlement This was stated by the Deputy Head of the Academy Lieutenant General Alexei Kim.
06.07.2018 (12:01) Russian drones spend about 140 thousand hours in air during operation in Syria Since the beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Syria, Russian UAVs have performed about 23 thousand flights.
03.07.2018 (14:40) 27 settlements of the southern zone of de-escalation in Syria have acceded to the ceasefire In the settlements that have passed to the side of the Syrian government, the work of the state authorities is restarted, preparations for the reconstruction of social infrastructure and the delivery of humanitarian assistance are being performed.
23.05.2018 (14:03) Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy holds briefing on situation in Syria He stressed that there are all conditions required for recovering of Syria as a single and indivisible country. However, for this, not only Russia but also other members of the international society should take efforts.
04.05.2018 (16:50) Official representative of Russian Ministry of Defence Major General Igor Konashenkov briefs on situation in Syria Major General Igor Konashenkov stressed that over the last week the Russian military carried out ten humanitarian actions to deliver more than 25 tons of food supplies and the bare necessities; more than 1,000 people received medical aid.
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