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12.02.2020 (22:05)

Briefing by the Centre for Reconciliation and Control of the movement of refugees in the Syrian Arab Republic (February 12, 2020)

Peaceful settlement of the conflict and rendering of comprehensive assistance are the main vectors of work in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation carried out four humanitarian actions in Namer, Daraa province, people received 250 food sets with a total weight 0.913 ton, in Taibet al-Imam, Hama province, people received 500 food sets with a total weight 1.825 tons, in Dallaviyah, al-Hasakah province, people received 250 food sets with a total weight 0.913 tons, and Handal, Raqqa province, people received 250 food sets with a total weight 0.913 ton.

In total, since the Russian Centre for Reconciliation started settlement process, it carried out 2367 humanitarian actions. The total weight of humanitarian cargo delivered amounts to 3,961.78 tons.

Over the past day, 345 Syrian citizens were provided medical assistance in the settlements of Kobani in Aleppo province and Qamishliyah in Al-Hasakah province. In total, 124,481 Syrians were provided with medical assistance by Russian military medics.

The joint efforts of Russia and Turkey continue to implement the provisions of the Russian-Turkish Memorandum of understanding as of October 22, 2019.

Patrols of the Russian military police continue along the route: Sanjika, Safsafa, Chemurgic, Culjak, Ardas-Dag, Hamrat, Naseba, Seraph, Janacek, Kalat-Marz, Ayn Al-Ashra, Kabah, Kieliba in Latakia province; Benjamin, Village Subic, Aleppo, Al-Zandiq, Makanis-El-Duwairi in Aleppo province; Kratie, Es-Salihiya, Gadha, Sublat-Bachata, Garganas, Abu-Daphne, Khan Shaykhun, Sharkey-Kafer-Tung, Zaituna, Halban, Tertia Idlib; Dar-Chardata, Huis, Tel-Metwasi in Hama province.

Along the routes: Corabi – Kobani – Sheeran – Kabaji Seger – Kir-Ballack – Mechanics-Foukani – Miles – Celebia Arabesk – Sochi – Caftan – Khirbet-Hamo – Darb-At-Takht – Qantara – Hayali-Gayuk – Juub-Mahli – RAS El Ain-Shemale – Ruby – Kobani – Corabi; Ayn ' ISA –Abu-Harmala – Umm Tuma – Shatt-Er-Rahman – Khirbat Camra –Er-Rahman – Khirbat Camra – Er-Rahmane – Ash-Sham – Stranded-Adam – Ain Issa in Raqqa province.

Along the routes: Camishlia - electrical substation Mabruk - Camishlia in Al-Hasakah province.

All activities within the patrol on the routes were held in accordance with the approved plans, without incident.

The Army Aviation carried out air patrol along the routes: airfield Metres - Ain-Isa – Mahmudi - airfield Kvayres – airfield Metres.

At 10:30 a.m. on February 12, 2020, at a checkpoint near Kharbat Khamo, located east of Qamyshlia, al-Hasakah province, a unit of the Syrian Arab Republic stopped a convoy of the US Armed Forces deviating from the route. There was a conflict between US troops and the local civilians, as a result of which the US military opened fire on civilians. One local resident was injured. Another, a 14-year-old boy, Faisal Khalid Muhammad, died. Only through the efforts of the Russian servicemen who arrived at the scene of the incident, it was possible to prevent a further escalation of the conflict with local residents and to ensure the exit of the US Armed Forces column in the direction of the base point in the area of the KhImo, al-Hasakah province.

Despite the ceasefire regime being established throughout the Idlib de-escalation zone, there is an increase of cases of ceasefire regime violation by illegal armed formations. Over the past 24 hours, 22 cases of ceasefire violations. Militants attacked Kafer Khelab, Talichia in Aleppo province; Safsafa, Chekurjak, Saraf, Ardash-Dag, Hamrat, Janajik, Ain-En-Ashra, Ain-El-Kantara, Nakhshebba in Latakia province; Kherbet-Abdin, Zaytuna, Nayrab, Kafer-Battikh, Zaituna, Kafer-Ruma, Ard al-Bab in Hama province.

The Syrian Arab Army established control over a section of M5 international highway passing through the territory of the Idlib de-escalation zone, defeating the Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham terrorist groups and its allied groups. This created a security zone provided for by the Russian-Turkish Memorandum of September 17, 2018.

The actions of government forces made it possible to neutralize the attacks of terrorists and stop the death of civilians as a result of their regular attacks and shelling.

The operation of the Syrian army was forced and was due to the fact that the Turkish side was not able to comply with the relevant provisions of the Sochi Memorandum on the creation of a demilitarized zone along the borders of the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides urges leaders of illegal armed formations operating  in the Idlib de-escalation zone to cease hostilities and move towards peaceful settlement of the situation in areas they occupy.

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