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Bulletin of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in the Syrian Arab Republic (November 27, 2016)

Reconciliation of the opposing sides

Within last 24 hours, truce agreements have been signed with representatives of 4 inhabited areas of the Latakia (2), Hama (2), and al-Suwayda (1) provinces.

The total number of inhabited areas, the leaders of which had signed reconciliation agreements, has reached 1000.

Negotiations on joining ceasefire regime have been continued with field commanders of illegal armed groups in the Damascus province, and detachments of armed opposition in the Homs, Hama, Aleppo, and al-Quneitra provinces.

The number of ceasefire application forms signed with leaders of armed groupings remained 86.

Ceasefire observation

Within last 24 hours, 39 shellings performed by illegal armed formations have been registered in the provinces of Aleppo (18), Damascus (15), Latakia (1), Daraa (4), and al-Quneitra (1).

In the Damascus province, armed formations of the Jaysh al-Islam grouping, which had claimed to be the opposition one, have fired mortars and small arms against Jaubar (two times), al-Qasa, and highway near Duma.

Armed formations of the Free Syrian Army have fired mortars against Salah al-Din quarter of the Aleppo city.

In the Latakia province, Ahrar al-Sham armed formations have fired small arms against Ain al-Qantara.

In the Aleppo city, terrorist groupings of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (Jabhat al-Nusra) and ISIS have fired antitank grenade launchers, mortars and small arms against Amri, Binyamin (twice), Jamaiyah Faht, Hananu 4 (twice), Jandul Dunwar, Karim Jazmati, Dahiya al-Assad, Hai Zahraa Awwad, 1070, and Ashrafiya quarters, al-Assad military academy (twice),    Kastello trade center, and Higma School.

In the Damascus province, terrorists have shelled Arbil (three times), Blelije, Haush Harabu (three times), al-Wafidin camp, and Jaubar (three times).

In the Daraa province, terrorists have shelled Tell Sheliya, Hirbat al-Hazala, al-Sanamein, and highway near Jaddiya. 

Jaba inhabited area has been shelled in the al-Quneitra province.

Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian Air Force did not make strikes on opposition armed formations, which follow ceasefire regime and informed the Russian or American Centres for reconciliation about their location.

Humanitarian aid to the population of Syria

Within last 24 hours, three humanitarian events have been held, in course of which citizens have received humanitarian aid:

in al-Ashrafiyah and Hananu al-Amaliya areas of Aleppo – about 1 and 3 tons respectively;

in Hadida in the Homs province – about 1 ton.

Posts with hot meal and items of first necessity continue their work for civilians who leave the districts of the Aleppo city, which are under control of terrorist armed groupings.

Additional information

In course of the operation held by units of the Syrian armed forces aimed at liberating eastern areas of the Aleppo city, 42 insurgents have left the al-Kadisiya area, refused to continue warfare and laid down their weapons.

All the insurgents, who laid their arms, are covered by the amnesty, which had been granted by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

On November 27, the Syrian government troops liberated 8 quarters of the Eastern Aleppo.

More than 2,500 civilians, including more than 800 children, have been evacuated from the liberated quarters (from al-Kadisiya – 500 people, from Jabal Bidaru and Hai al-Sakur – about 1,500 people).

A number of insurgents, who had pretended to be civilians, tried to leave the blocked areas of the city. They were arrested.

In order to prevent casualties among civilians, the government troops are negotiating with insurgents to make them lay their arms down. 

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