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Russian Centre for Refugee Affairs holds session with Syrian Coordination Committee on repatriation of refugee

On August 20, the Centre for the Reception, Allocation and Accommodation of Refugees (Centre for Refugee Affairs) and Joint Coordination Committee in Syria held joint session on repatriation of Syrian refugees.

Representative of the Syrian Coordination Committee, Colonel Samer Mhan, heads of Centre's offices in al-Salhiyah Major Aidar Kashapov and Baniyas Major Alexey Shishkanov made reports at the session.

During the meeting, the representative of the Joint Coordination Center, Colonel Alexey Posunko reported:

Over the past day, in total 63 people (19 women and 32 children) left Lebanon for Syria via the Jaydet-Yabus , and al-Dabusya.

Since July 18, 2018, in total 7,406 refugees have left Lebanon, with 3,008 of them - via the Zemrani CP, Jaydet-Yabus – 3,267 people, 657 people via al-Dabusiyah and 474 people via the al-Qusayr. In total 318 people have passed via the Nasib CP from Jordan.

Since September 30, 2015, in total 237,004 Syrians have returned back to their homes from abroad (71,101 women, 120,872 children).

In accordance with the work plan, there was a meeting with Deputy Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, Jordan and Iran, Peter Stano. The goal is to visit places for the refugees with the consent of the Russian side.

A post-conflict settlement plan for the Southwest de-escalation zone was revised in cooperation with governors of Daraa, al-Suwayda, and al-Quneitra peovinces, and representatives of national security office.

People received 430 food sets with a total weight of 1.849 tons.

Two charitable actions were held jointly with Kadyrov Regional Public Fund in Jabal-Biduru-Ardal-Hamra district in Aleppo. People received a ton of bread.

In the Al-Asad sports complex, winners of competitions were awarded things.

The following events are planned now.

A meeting with the head of the International Committee of Red Cross in Syria, Marian Gasser.

A working meeting with the Jebab camp administrator Abdul Hamid Arifai.

A charitble action in Ard-al-Huseini jointly with Kadyrov Regional Public Fund to hand over 200 sets of kids clothes for boys and 200 sets of kids clothes for girls.

It is planned to supply 600 food sets with a total weight of 2.5 tons during the humanitarian action.

A charitable action in four districts of Aleppo - targeted aaid to fifteen families of Syrian fallen warriors.

However, despite the positive progress, the main work is still ahead."

Despite the extended scale of work done, the efforts to rebuild the civilian infrastructure must be continually stepped up in order to successfully meet the challenges

ahead, demonstrating to Syrian refugees Syria's readiness to ensure all necessary conditions in legal, economic, social and domestic spheres for the citizens of the Republic wishing to return to their homeland ".

A representative of the Syrian Coordination Committee, Colonel Samer Mhan, reported on the work done on the repatriation of refugees:

The Syrian leadership continues working on repatriation of Syrian refugees and reaffirms the readiness to ensure security guarantees, employment, housing, assistance in document re-issuance, as well as humanitarian and other aid for Syrian refugees returning back from abroad.

It is reported that 297 Syrians returned back to:

Homs province – 186 people, in total - 138,242 people;

In total since March 4, 2018 Besides, 26,705 people, 3,869 vehicles and 42,560 heads of cattle left the Idlib de-escalation zone.

There are 1,044,250 places arranged to receive and accommodate refugees in 343 settlements less affected by the combat actions.

Over the past day in Homs province, they cleared up 4ha of the territory, 10 buildings and 1km of road.

They found and defused 45 explosive devices including 13 improvised explosive devices.

In total in Homs and Damascus provinces, they cleared up 247.6ha of the territory, 755 buildings and 51.8km of roads.

Major Aidar Kashapov, the head of the Centre for Refugee Affairs Branch, reported on functioning of the Salhiyah CP:

The al-Salhiyah CP works as planned. It has duty shifts and all required material stocks available. We have no issues of concern.

Major Alexey Shishkanov, the head of the Centre for Refugee Affairs Branch in Baniyas sea port, reported on functioning of the office:

The CP at the Baniyas sea port works as planned. It has duty shifts and all required material stocks available. We have no issues of concern.

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