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Teachers of anti-mine center of Armed Forces of Russian Federation in Syria return to Russia

As stated by the Deputy Chief of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Konstantin Smeshko, the Russian and Syrian engineers in record time held a number of unique operations to rescue tens of thousands of civilians in Syria.

"The international anti-mine center of Russia in cooperation with Syrian specialists in record time held a number of unique operations on humanitarian demining, which allowed tens of thousands of Syrian civilians to return safely to their homes. Many objects of the world historical legacy, which was threatened with inevitable destruction, were saved, " Konstantin Smeshko said.

Today, servicemen (teachers) of the Syrian anti-mine center, a branch of the international anti-mine center of the Russian Armed Forces, which operates in this Arab country since 2017, have returned to Russia.

Konstantin Smeshko recalled that the production of improvised explosive devices in Syria «was organized on an industrial scale.»

«Increased attention was paid to the training of national Syrian servicemen for mine clearance. According to it, this training will be organized as early as possible, «allowed the unique hardware of Russian engineers and experience of mine clearance».

Fourteen issues have been conducted, more than 1200 specialists of engineering troops of Syria who successfully perform tasks in the territories liberated from terrorists are prepared.

«Modern means of search of explosive subjects and protection of the engineers are transferred upon completion of courses. The forces of the Syrian army have already cleared about 2 thousand hectares, found and neutralized 3,850 explosive devices», - Konstantin Smeshko concluded.

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