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Syrian conflict gives opportunity to gain experience in maintaining Russian military hardware

The Syrian conflict has given a unique opportunity to gain experience in maintaining armament, military and special hardware, announced Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Yury Borisov.

‘Operational readiness of hardware in Syria turned out to be even higher, than the average in the Russian Armed Forces. It proves the reliability of the defence industry’s products’, said the Russian Deputy Minister of Defence. According to him, the Syrian conflict gave an opportunity to test armament, especially latest samples.

Moreover, Yuriy Borisov pointed out that representatives of industry and their repair brigades revise design of hardware if necessary, and analyze all the operational shortcomings.

The flashpoint provided opportunity to gain experience in organizing combat service support of maintenance and repair work. All spare parts required, test bench equipment and qualified personnel have been available there. As Russian Deputy Defence Minister noted, the Russian military have become more experienced in this kind of cooperation.

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